@naitsabes: Thank you for the support! I'm glad to read that my plog made you think of the old days! I started this inspired by the many beautiful plogs in this forum.

It was nice to play a game after years, and I was happy to finally field almost every model nice and painted.

Enough words for this post, here is a WIP of Scyla Anfingrimm. It was my first attempt painting eyes.
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And to add salt to a maegre post, another brief battle report. (1250 points, 8th edition)

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I fought again the lizardmen of Lustria. Tetto Eko the Oracle was send by Lord Mazdamundi itself to rescue an arcane secret stealen by Ugash Bloodguzzler (my 2nd level death chaos sorcerer) from a corrupted forest in the chaos wastes.

The fight was quick and harsh.
Scyla Anfingrimm charged itself in turn one a cohort of 17 saurus, making them pay a heavy toll before they managed to slain him by the power of numbers.
Ugash Bloodguzzler managed to kill Tetto'eko with Spirit Leech, showing the power of a mind driven by the true gods.
The Hellcannon blasted an apocaliptic blow on an ancient stegadon, forcing him to flee, but a misfire occurred and the cannon could not shot anymore for the rest of the game.
The saurus cohort took a charge from eight grotesque forsaken but i rolled ASL on the mutation chart, so the saurus speared them to a inglorious death.
My khornate knights along my sorcerer got a charge from a stegadon (due to my double one on a previous charge) and were trampled by the beast. Ugash dead impaled by the stegadon horns.
A skink priest killed my gorebeast chariot with two phases of magic.
The lizardmen won the day, but the eternal war between good and evil will go on.

Even though the forsaken prooved th more then ineffective, i like their concept and I will assemble and paint the twenty of them laying in the Closet of Wonders.
For the paint scheme I am unsure if I would paint them all with a single scheme or five by five with a scheme which fit the four chaos gods. What do you think?

Thank you for reading, have a nice day!
Cheers, Luca.