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Thread: Kodsticklerburg: A Mordheim Project (WARNING: Some photos are HUUUGE!)

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    Kodsticklerburg: A Mordheim Project (WARNING: Some photos are HUUUGE!)

    This past October I decided to get serious about a Mordheim project. The group I used to play 40k has scattered to the 4 winds. There are still a couple of us around but we only reconnect about 2 or 3 times a year and nobody really feels like dedicating a large amount of time to 40K. I am really the only one still pursuing war gaming. I figured if I built a table, and painted up 4 or 5 warbands (keep model count to 9-12 models ) we could play Mordheim when we could all get together.

    I was hoping to be done the terrain by Christmas... ... really, how hard could it be?

    No where near done... about 2/3 the way through. Half the buildings and most of the scatter terrain. Here are a few in order of completion.
    Walls are cut from MDF with balsa wood trim and bits from the Mordheim building sprue:

    This one is also built from MDF, balsa wood and all the small windows from the Mordheim building sprues. The barrel is by Thomarillion, shingles are paper shingles from Warbases and the stone is patterned sheet from Plastruct:

    More to come over the next few days.
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