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Thread: RIL Goes Forth

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    RIL Goes Forth


    Day 54 of lockdown and as time goes by we face the increasing inevitability that we are alone in a godless, uninhabited, hostile and meaningless universe.

    Still, you've got to laugh, haven't you?

    I'm also Excommunicatus on Dakka and I come to share the gifts of She Who Thirsts with Warseer, where I apparently signed up five years ago and then never came back.

    Sorry about that.

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    Re: RIL Goes Forth

    Welcome Res Ipsa Loquitur.


    Please follow the rules and respect the opinions of others
    Interested in buying OOP metal Sisters of Battle with Standards and metal Eldar Dire Avenger Exarchs - Selling Painted Elysian and Tau Armies, plus loads of painted WFB Empire Units/Heroes and other bits for 40K and terrain

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