I have not posted on Warseer for a long time and seeing as Warseer has been back for a while now I thought it would be rude not to start a thread here!

The will be my (sporadically updated) thread for the various Chaos minis I build and paint for my Chaos Crusade. The sister-thread, for the hated Imperial side of things, is over here: http://s3.zetaboards.com/The_Ammobun...pic/9018977/1/

The setting is my own pocket of Imperial Space that has been cut off from the outside in the Dark Imperium for 100 years:

I’ll post up the background for the vengeful Covenant forces later on, but first some minis

Pict Feed captured in M.41.11.63 on the Tyndareous, Northeastern Seaboard Theatre.

Left to Right:

L: Renegade Astartes (Black Legion) who arrived in system shortly after the outbreak of hostilities and left just as quickly, their mysterious objective completed.

M: Infidel Auxiliaries, human and mutant renegades who carried out the majority of the fighting and dying dirtside on Tyndareous

R: Drakoran Dragoons, human elites instrumental in the deactivation of the Tyndareous defence network and the destruction of the Northeastern Seaboard’s arsenals.