And now for something completely different - I shared a fleet of Orks on these hallowed pages many moons ago and this will be me sharing their current state. They've been bashed together using kit leftovers, pen lids and all manner of McGuffins.

I hijacked a blissfully straightforward paint scheme from The Beard Bunker for these ships - I wanted a relatively quick and dirty scheme to be able to churn out a time effective project!
It's a spray base coat followed by heavy silver drybrushing, then weathering powders. The powders I used can be found here - I'm not convinced they work quite like other weathering options but I'm pleased with the tabletop quality. The name plates come from Versatile Terrain.

I have plenty more where these examples came from, so I'll work on getting larger pictures that don't look like bottom.

In other news I have managed to get a new job! I don't have a start date yet, and I've been warned that their HR can be between 6 and 12 weeks but I'm still really pleased!
But that also means I better get a move on and churn out more projects while I have the time...