SO. So. I'm going to bite the bolt shell and do this - I'm going to share my hobby again.

Back in the mists of time Warseer was the first miniature hobby forum I discovered as a youngling. It was also the first place where I shared pictures of my hobby and exchanged banter and toy soldiers with anonymous sprites on the interweb. University happened and my updates became exceedingly rare. Warseer also got rather comprehensively nuked by a series of unfortunate events - its own version of Old Night and the Cicatrix Maledictum. As a consequence I fell out of the habit, and when I finally returned all my old sprite chums were long gone - the astropathic ducts dead and transponder beacons silent. I miss them and hope they are all in a better place

I had developed a rather annoying self conscious aversion to posting pictures of my stuff - I felt my photo skills were painfully bad and my models were looking like assorted squig dung piles. This has since been diagnosed as Heavy Metal Syndrome (for those of you who have access to the relevant Inquisitorial archives the more modern description may be classed as Get Over Myself - Life Is Short). I am now ready to do it anyway.

My old threads are still here, and recently I went back through the dust and cobwebs of the ancient crypts to repair all the links and pictures where I could. Warseer has done alot for my hobby and the least I could do is reboot my old stuff in the hope it will help entertain and encourage others.

That's it! Thanks for bearing with me! I don't have any concrete goals and my updates will likely be irregular but I hope people like what they find, and any and all comments gratefully received!

Kind regards