They're good sets, I have a couple of kit bashes using them and I'll be sure to share! Thank you for the reply I'm slowly learning the ropes with the light tent - it's a cheapo set up but I'm liking the pictures so far. I'm working hard to have the paint jobs look as life like as I can, even if it highlights where I need to improve!!

More robots for the horde - I promise they're not all painted green and white but there's a reason for it that may become apparent eventually..!

Pig Iron Productions do some really nice stuff - these are from their War Droids set with bio hazard heads from Max Minis. They could make nice alternative Ogryn for techy Guardsmen or of course Ad Mech Really enjoyed weathering these guys up.

I have around 50 infantry to base up now - it's been a bafflingly productive start to the year and I'm not even a bum yet! Officially unemployed as of Monday...