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    Re: Ragsta returns to the Imperium

    Quote Originally Posted by Codsticker View Post
    Fantastic creations Ragsta.
    Thanks buddy! Glad you like them! I like cobbling things like this together as it fleshes out the 40K universe for me. Plenty of nefarious characters that can fit and flesh things out. Maybe some good guys too? Nah...

    I have been unemployed for c. 3 weeks now, so my hobbying has been chugging away quite nicely. You may have noticed my 2021 goals from earlier in the thread so we don't need to go there again - needless to say I have a small heap of models I would like to finish off sharpish so I can move onto new projects!!

    I have been hacking my way through a random mob of Wargames Factory, Mantic and Victory Decision zeds and here's my progress so far. The WF sculpts were very soft but the end result came out nice. The zombie dog picture figs were not painted by me - I bought them from the mighty Wyrmalla on Dakka and performed a refurb on their basing and painting touch ups. It's still progress!

    Edinburgh Miniatures Company figures with parts from Pig Iron, Anvil Industry, Northstar Miniatures and Victoria Lamb. I bought them on a whim and painted them to suit my Chaos forces only to laugh when I realised they looked a bit like Death Troopers from Star Wars!

    A small work in progress Imperial Guard project. I have my Flexberg infantry company but I wanted to create a smaller force to contrast with them in style and doctrine. No further info for you guys as yet - want to take better pictures wth a larger force and fluff to back them on my blog in due course.

    Thank you for looking. I am so very close to having a 'finished' zombie horde, a 'finished' Flexberg infantry company (HA!!! flippin' Guard...) and a 'finished' Chaos force but it will very likely take the rest of the year to beat them into submission. Luckily I seem to have the time...


    Progress continues - 9 more zeds for the horde, and that FINISHES my current collection of zombie stuff to do!! This picture highlights the limitations of the old Wargames Factory zombies - they're all pretty much dancing to Thriller... But I'm not complaining as the horde I bought ended up barely 50p a figure :nod:

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