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Thread: Ragsta returns to the Imperium

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    Re: Ragsta returns to the Imperium

    Thank you very much, mate! I was really pleased with the end results, and it's pretty fun knowing none of the ships are official models either. I can get away with using them as pirates, Orks or Chaos! Probably won't stop me picking up a Chaos fleet at some point to avenge the one I sold off in the mists of time...

    Another picture deluge of my Reaver fleet. I have pictures of the flagship too but that deserves a separate post, I think.
    While I am okay with the pictures it's clear that I still have a way to go. My lovely lady says she likes how they appear to be hanging in the blackness, so that's good - gotta love fiddling those settings eh

    The smaller multi based ships are Vanguard's civilian ships. I bought some and couldn't work out what to do with them until I rewatched Serenity haha. I would use them as counts as Ramships.
    There are also multiple metal Klingon models assimilated into this host - again because I had no better place to put them! They are from Studio Bergstrom's Sing On range and they are lovely chunks of metal.
    Name plates from Versatile Terrain.

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