Thanks Captain!

I'll slowly post up my entire Imperial fleet collection, each with a little bit of fluffery for them. The nice thing about returning to Warseer is I've been able to perform a series of wee touch ups to some old paint jobs. The patient little fellas deserve as much.

When the ship exited warp space we gave thanks for three days. Primary power was out - it took the techs that long anyway to get under way. We attempted to pick up one of the Telepathica relay signals but there was nothing. Proxima Salvator. Gothrika. Flexberg. All silent. My ward did not speak for all that time - he spent the hours in the small chapel behind the bridge. I am his bolter bearer, and honoured to be such - it is not my place to question and yet he seemed deeply affected by the silence around us. The Emperor Protects.

I went through a multitude of colour schemes for a Space Marine force. Grey. Black/ purple. Red/ blue. I'm pretty sure most of us have done so during our thrashing around in the hobby!
This figure represents the culmination of what was my Brazen Guard Marine Company project, resplendent in a delightfully straightforward paint scheme that still looked good en masse. Okay okay - I discovered the GW washes and they pretty much saved the day!! You can find them in my old thread

He was also my first attempt at true scaling a Marine model, and attempting to get some dynamic movement in what were then rather static sculpts. Some plasticard boosters in the boots and waist coupled with some hefty armored shoulders. After these pictures were taken I pimped out his base a little more - always room for improvement. Looking at him now there are things I would change but I still like him alot. He also looks like a total bampot!!!