Codsticker - Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. I am very glad to be adding to Warseer again I am slowly grasping some photo stuff that passed me by in earlier times but we'll see what happens. The beauty of editing

Captain Brown - Haha yes, they are rather weird! Someone was asking me about them on the gallery but unfortunately I can't find out where they came from at all. I think it's a resin terrain maker on evilBay but my searching powers are weak. I have other weird plants and beasties to come

One of the first forces that came to be for me was a rather rag tag force of Imperial Guard comprised of very hard plastic troopers from Prinz August miniatures. I was able to get something like 80 of them for £20. This coincided with the release of the first GW layer paints and washes (Charadon Granite and Devlan Mud era!!). My original Warseer thread had multiple units created back then thanks to the ease of assembly and ease of painting. Years went by, the warp grew in strength yet I couldn't seem to shake my fondness for the 'Flexberg 17th Infantry Regiment'. The background and painting style has evolved steadily from its original form. I will be showcasing all of what I have here and performing some wee touch ups as I go along. I hope you like what comes.

Recruited from the industrial slums and urban sprawls of Flexberg, the Flexberg 17th Infantry was assigned to 4th Army Group under Lord General Menelaus as part of the Augustine Crusade forces.

One of many patrols winkling out rebel fighters in an unidentified township. Primarily composed of former gang members and habworkers, the fledgling regiment could count on a certain level of combat experience among it's officers and men. This was offset by disciplinary issues caused from an ingrained distrust of ‘outworlders’ that would quickly earn the regiment a prickly reputation.