Codsticker - Thank you so much! I love me my BFG, glad you like them so far.

Captain Brown - Thank you Cap'n

Colonel Jacka - I am very glad you have found me, Colonel! Thank you so much for the kind words, I am really chuffed that the grittiness comes through! Do you remember the 2nd edition IG rules for veterans? I often think it would be cool to model squads as 'Grizzled', 'True Grit' etc

Ooooft. This is my second attempt at writing this full post. That figures. 2020 was a slugfest for me and my family, as with so many others. I was the only member of my family who didn't end up being treated for serious illness (not that one, no). Happily they have all recovered well, and now my dad has been released from hospital this January. He has a ways to go yet but we're just happy to have him home. My thanks to the health service, they are the mightiest of awesome.

I wasn't going to bring this up at all - there are so many worse off than I. But my latest news from so early into 2021 has really knocked the wind out of me. I was told on Monday that my role is being made redundant. 5 and a half years of solid work with my team doing so very well during the pandemic and now I have this hanging over me. Again I'm sure I will come through it but I'm more hurt than anything. At least I can use my company's sociopathic tendencies as fodder for fluff in the grim dark Imperium :thumbsup: Also, I am treating this event with positivity as best I can - it's a golden opportunity to start something new darnit! Just give me the money and I'm gone

So that implies I'll have even more hobby time right?! I completed 107 models in 2020 - my best effort since I started tracking it so if I can achieve anything like this I will be really chuffed!
Some photographs to set me up for my hobby drive into 2021 (it can go hang already, I tell ya!):

This is my second purchase from Sphere Products in the UK and I would recommend their products if that's the kind of thing you like to accessorise your hobby!
A lovely new paint rack holding my array of paints, including two new sets from Vallejo to give me much needed 'new blood' in my paintstream!

A very humble light tent to photograph my toys in. Cheap as chips - I didn't want to go too crazy in case I end up sucking at this but fingers crossed! I am hoping this will give me a regular setup so I can work out how to take consistently decent pictures.

My draw of hobbyness. I count roughly 80 28mm figures with a selection of other larger pieces. These will keep me busy with enough variety to keep me engaged I hope!
Worryingly this doesn't include the Eldar forces I have amassed but we'll see what happens.

We'll be resuming normal programming going forward, thanks for looking and I'll see you all aroond toon!