Thank you, Captain, you're a gent! Unless you're a lady, in which case thank you ma'am!

I continue to grind away at the final (ha!!!) pieces for my Flexberg infantry - I don't tend to post WIPs so I have something completely different to show you for now:

'Cobalt Security' mercenaries in carapace armour and armed with hell guns. Two of them are wearing Breacher style void helmets, giving them protection against vacuum and small arms fire during ship boarding actions. They also appear to have acquired some form of xeno tech drones for additional fire support, which suggests their usual operations are far away from Imperial administration... If you hear some mook broadcasting for Cobalt then just remember this - we're pretty sure they're deserters from their original outfit and the nasty little bastards have now ripped off enough people or shifted enough illicit product to afford these shiny toys. Now if you would be so kind as to tell me where you heard about them...

A friend of mine donated me a box of Scions many moons ago. At the time I didn't have any real forces to tag them onto so I just bashed the models about and painted them in colours I usually don't use. A small merc outfit emerged, and I bolstered their hi tech appearance with the addition of some old drones I had bashed together from SM pouches, Tau lenses /sensors and some vents from Cities of Death terrain sprues!

Afterwards they reminded me of the Protector Sentinels from HALO. The merc helmets come from Heresy Miniatures Sharclons and I really like them - they look like you could actually fit a human head inside with some room to spare for a wee HUD. Just saying.