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Thread: 210th Imperial Guard Army Log, All Female Alarian 740th and Valhallan 5th

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    210th Imperial Guard Army Log, All Female Alarian 740th and Valhallan 5th

    Hey all,

    This is a shared blog with my s/o detailing our guard armies, together they form the 210th Imperial guard Army with various other models and troopers in our collection.

    I'm a relatively new player and I play a custom regiment, the all female Alarian 740th Mountaineers "Markov's Marauders". This is a unit from my custom planet, Alar, a frozen mining world that recently fell to chaos. My troops are fully converted from a number of sources, namely OOP Elysians and a few other sources. I'll sign the end of my Posts with a -R

    My s/o has played since second edition and he's going to post about his Valhallan regiment, the 5th Valhallan "Black Guards". He'll be rebuilding and expanding on his first army from back in the day, so most of his models with be metal GW with some 3rd party. He'll sign the end of his posts with a -T

    I'll start off with a few pictures of my recently finished Mountaineers to start the blog off.

    Company Commander- Lieutenant Sonia Bolton

    1st Squad, 2nd Platoon led by NCO Sergeant Kamarov

    Cpl. LaHain [Flamer] and 2 other troopers

    Troopers Lanete and Nitzkowski ready for Close Combat

    Trooper Nitzkowski racking the slide

    Glad to be a part of the community and I look forward to talking with everyone -R
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