God damn it Olive! You come on here, make us think that you are an old grognard returning, then you drop that spammy ****! For the record, Dota 2 is/was rubbish, CSGO was overrun with the haxors and people spamming out their dodgy Chinese site link spam.

The sad thing is, back in the day you would have been banned within minutes of posting that. I would get a warning for posting this because I swore. It's a long way from the Warseer heyday.

I still miss Carnage. 5th ed 40k was the one for me, I still look back on those weekends really fondly. Compared to nowadays GW was rubbish back then with no specialist game support and a much smaller range (and virtua cop arcade in bugmans bar) but I still find myself drifting back to 2007 in my mind. If this was Carnage Olive, I would be marking you as a bad sport on my little slip of post game marking paper.