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Thread: Have we reached peak crazy yet on E B-ay?

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    Re: Have we reached peak crazy yet on E B-ay?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue View Post
    I would not be surprised if someone was trying to sell something illicit to another buyer "in the know." It may be risky if you don't actually have the sprues for someone foolish enough to overbid the preferred buyer in this case.
    I'd say that's pretty likely. I'm sure there was some backchannel "ask the seller" communication going on.

    The chief value of an auction site is there's a third party to keep the deal honest. I'm sure I'm not the only one on this site who contacted a vendor about other inventory in stock and we "fixed" a buy it now deal so that we could complete the transaction while maintaining the site's safeguards.

    This would be doubly important in gray areas of commerce.

    Using miniatures boxes to ship certain agricultural products that are legal in many jurisdictions but otherwise illegal to ship seems the obvious explanation to me.

    And as we've seen, the cover story is not entirely absurd! GW fans seem to have a limitless pain threshold for purchase prices.
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