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Thread: Finding the Best Wargaming Table

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    Finding the Best Wargaming Table

    I just started my personal journey into finding the perfect wargaming table for myself. Perhaps you are in the same situation where you want to upgrade your table, or you just plain old find this stuff interesting.

    I've rounded out my finds to one place. In this article on my site, I have 4 designer tables, 4 custom build options and links to a number of self build options. Come check it out!

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    Re: Finding the Best Wargaming Table

    An interesting article for sure.

    I would add transportation to where you need it to the list of criteria. To put it simple, I would not trust most postal services to deliver a table in good shape. Local carpenters have the advantage of being able to also set it up. This gives you the chance to know it will be done just perfect.

    While I would normally love DIY, a table is not among projects I would aspire. It needs skills I do not have and the time it would take me should also factor into the costs. When you compare that with any carpenter, it's a good deal.
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