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It certainly is a bigger leap from 2nd to the current edition than say 5th, but I have seen people do it. Look and feel is one thing, actual function is another, and I have yet to see someone turn their nose on a well painted classic army in this hobby.
One of the big issues is that GW has seriously jacked around the fluff. I see all this stuff about "Primaris" this and that. Even back in 4th, the weapons were being altered so that earlier versions would be indecipherable to later players.

The size of the figures also continues to increase, further complicating backwards compatibility.

All of which was by design.

Obviously, since I'm still here, and an old timer, I'll be sharing my experiences.

As a teaser, I've been doing massive work bringing my long-neglected forces up to speed. My Eldar army is bigger than I thought it was - comfortably above 3,000 points without any characters or weapon options. It is entirely non-GW in composition, being made up of a grab-bag of VOID figures bought on clearance and some scratch-built vehicles and weapon platforms. More of these are under construction.

Their opponents will be the Tyranids, which is very much old-school in its look and feel. Funny how OOP carnifexes and hive tyrants (let alone genestealers) are so cheap these days! (Okay, they were cheap 2 years ago when I bought them. Everything's higher now.)

Anyway, the Hive Mind is in a frenzy of activity, ordering the entire force base-coated after years of inactivity. So it has been done. A genetic analysis has determined that "Buff" is the best color for claws, besting White, Deck Tan and Yellow-Green in the Tamiya palette. Mass reproduction will shortly take place.

Happiness is readying a 40k army for imminent action, and I've got two of them to work with, so I am doubly fortunate.