Tonight we did a small, 500 point battle. The scenario was an Tyranid scouting force testing the defenses of an Eldar outpost.

The army selections were ridiculously simple. The Eldar fielded 5 Dire Avengers, 5, Swooping Hawks and 3 Dark Reapers, all led by a Dire Avenger Exarch. I will note that this is technically in violation of the 2nd Ed. Eldar Codex, but it is completely consistent with the widely accepted reforms to 2nd Edition rules developed on Portent.

The Tyranid force was simplicity itself: two broods of genestealers, one with 7, the other with 8 models, plus a genestealer patriarch.

The Eldar mission was to Engage and Destroy; the Tyranids were using The Assassins (bonus points for killing leaders) mission card.

The battle went rather simply: the 'nids swarmed forward and - without the need to use cover - the Eldar dumped everything they could at them. In the end, the 'nids were wiped out at the cost of 2 Swooping Hawks.

This may seem a dull, uninspired scenario with obviously imbalanced forces, but it was in fact a "training game" to initiate a new player on game mechanics. In that respect it was fully successful. More to follow.