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Training games need to be done as well.
The first rule of getting someone into gaming (or back into gaming) is to let them win. If you curb-stomp them, it's harder to get them to come back.

An additional factor in my gaming philosophy is that I like to build a narrative campaign. Twenty years ago I would settle for pick-up games at the local shop, but now my spare time is more valuable.

That means not every game is a evenly-balanced engagement. In fact, most of our little campaigns start of with restrictions that fit the scenario. In this storyline, the Tyranids have just dropped on an Eldar-inhabited world and are trying to figure out who they are dealing with.

I enjoy those kinds of narratives. Some years ago we did a campaign where Chaos Marines made their first contact with Tyranids and it did not go well for them at all. In most 'normal' games, you don't do stupid stuff like attack clearly superior troops in close combat, but how would guys stuck in the warp for centuries *know* they are superior?

Putting otherwise arbitrary (but dramatically consistent) constraints on the forces also makes it more interesting even if the games are technically fair.

I'm not sure what the next engagement will be, but it will be larger and a little more balanced.