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I hate the pay points for terrain. Use it for objective for the mission would have been a better idea. I agree modifiers for both hit and Armor Piercing should be part of the terrain features.

Cities of Death rules made the game so much better. I am still not a fan of the 9th edition rules. but my area is mostly hooked on playing the current rules.
There's a big difference between "sub-optimal" and "objectively awful."

You can tolerate and even enjoy some of the former but the latter is unplayable. Warhammer 5th Ed. in its final, ultra-cheesy, beard-wearing incarnation fell into the second category. I reached the point where I was turning down gaming invites because laundry was more enjoyable.

Similarly, 3/4 ed. 40k achieved a level of counter-intuitive tactics that made me loathe it.

If 9th ed. 40k reaches the same plateau that 6th edition Fantasy did - flawed, but workable - I can see people getting back into it, particularly if they've got usable armies on hand.