I cannot stress to you how much I Loathe the "Primaris" addition to 40K. My theory is that Gee Dubs is trying to protect their IP from them loosing cases like GW V. Chapterhouse lawsuit again, and thus a newly named and sculped Space Marine was born. Once that was in place everything got the change hammer to fit into the new paradigm that GW wants and thus you have things like Rynn's world being invaded a second time, but this time with Daemons instead and these new marines being their saviors, among a whole bunch of ham fisted stories to make the cannon sort of work. Of course the apparent rule of GW is that "If you want something to sell make it awesome and kill everything on the table: If you don't want something to sell, let it languish" is in full effect these days. For me, I will be playing my Space Marines either in an edition that I can play them in, or I will be playing an older edition. Last time that I checked, they did not use magic erasing ink on my books, so they are in fully working order.

Totally right about the increase in size. You may have gotten away with taking your beakies from way back when, and add them to your models from the 4th or 5th, but those days are long gone.

Ironically Eldar and Tyranids are two of the most stable factions out there, and our friend on the board Captain Brown seems to be getting some use out of his older Eldar models located here:

Please do get some games in if you can, especially of an older edition. I always like to see a bat rep of them when possible.