Our campaign had an "operational pause" as we dealt with various things like vacations and school getting ready to start.

I estimate we won't get playing for another week or so, partly because I want to get more painting and assembly done. My Eldar are mostly non-GW, but if GW stuff is cheap enough I'll use it. I've seen some inexpensive Vypers and Jet bikes on ebay, so I'd like to add them to the forces available.

The scenario is that having wiped out the 'nids, the Eldar are determined to see how big the infestation is. Accordingly a mobile force will press forward to seek out addition information. Mission Card in play will be Dawn Raid, which gives bonuses to intact vehicles and squads in the enemy deployment zone. Actual force mix will depend on what I can get, but the rule is that all Eldar forces need a base movement 8 or greater. This means grav tanks, jet bikes, reptile cavalry, swooping hawks and dreadnoughts are on the table. Since grav tanks can carry troops, they are also permitted.

The hive mind is in a bit of disarray after their defeat, and are scrambling to produce more advanced critters. Their goal is inflict casualties and protect their breeding chambers, so they will use Engage and Destroy. They are not permitted to use Support units because these are not yet available.

If the Eldar win, the bugs will mount a final stand - again without heavy support choices. If the bugs win, the Eldar will have to withstand the counterattack. The battle will decide how we implement these options.