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My protest is the constant support given to IG/space marines via terrain. In my last post note the reuse of one shot weapons- the only weapon that fits in eldar/Harlequin use is a star bola. Which is used from a jetbike! Jetbike units can't sit for a turn to rearm, lest we forget the star bola is used up close & personnel. Please note not all xeno armies have one shot weapons, although the orks have several. It's annoying that most of the terrain pieces sold by GW (not to mention the the whole wall of martyrs series) benefit only one race (even if they 30 flavors).
That's interesting. The old story was that GW's favorite army (or should I write "favourite"?) was whatever they were pushing that month. The Imperium always had a prime position of course because they fought all comers (including their own side), which is great for sales. Can't have everybody collecting Dark Eldar and then wondering why everything's a civil war all of a sudden.

But to your point, yes, GW picks winners and losers and always had. I recall during 5th Edition Fantasy Chaos Warriors could win the game before it actually started! (Old timers know I do not exaggerate.)

For veteran 40k players, each edition new edition brings up a series of questions:

Is the imbalance of the new game within tolerable limits? (A balanced game is out of the question with GW.)
How expensive are all the supplements to get a minimum amount of armies back into use?
How much retrofitting will existing armies need? How much will it cost?