Hello, guys. I have been thinking on doing a dwarf treasure hunter band since I started sculpting more than 10 years ago. Using the free time we all were forced to get for the pandemic, finally I were able to sculpt the first miniatures, old school style. Some days ago I received these photos of the resin masters and the metal mould will be ready in a few weeks and I thought it was a good moment to start to share them.

In fact, if you are interested in any of them, send me a PM ;] I will be doing a "proof print", and if it works I will continue doing the rest of the band more oficially.

Oh, and to be clear:

- Thunderer is the estalian one with the crossbow.
- Shortbeard A is the imperial one, running.
- Shortbeard B is the estalian lancer.
- Shortbeard C is the tilean duelist.
- Shortbeard D is the bretonnian girl.