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    Minecraft Creations

    A combination of lengthy exhaustion from overworking for my own part, and general isolation from disease among friends and associates, has resulted in some months of friendly online on-and-off-again Minecraft play (survival mode) on a Realm server hosted by a friend's friend's friend. It proved worksome enough to scratch the itch, and relaxed enough not to get in the way of recovery. As stamina is returning, this period is drawing to close. Time to take stock.

    These are the grander creations of said Realm during this opportune window of recovery. Mostly built by me (while listening/watching to documentaries), occassionally in good cooperation with several friends and associates. Be welcome to share Minecraft creations of your own here as well if you like:

    Step Pyramids

    Dwarven Open Pit Mine

    Spawn Palace & Highway

    Realm Map


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