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I concur with your stepbrothers assessment. It very much is a cross between Star Wars and Mad Max.
GW's work has always been derivative, and that is both its strength and its weakness. On the plus side, they've built a distinct large-shouldered aesthetic that (as noted above) manages to combine Soviet totalitarianism with the Spanish Inquisition on steroids.

On the downside, it tends to be one-dimensional: there can be ONLY war!!! You can't imagine anything other than fighting going on here, just as the Warhammer World was mostly an excuse for diverse and interesting people to find reasons to kill each other for your amusement.

One grotesque misstep that was commented upon at the time was the Tau. They don't fit in the aesthetic at all and people hated them when they came out. Again, it's true to GW's marketing-based game design strategy, but just too jarring to work in a grim dark future. Mobile Suit Gundam has no place in the Grim Dark Future.