I've been waiting all week for the weather to take a turn for the better so I could get down and dirty with my camera taking a few test shots for a big project that I have in mind but it's been "hoying it down" and miserable all week as we say in the NE.

so, I resorted to two daylight lamps, a printed off back ground image of a mountainous region in Afghanistan and a small vignette. The idea is to get the pictures taken and sent off for publication but I will definitely wait until the light improves as daylight is just so much better for getting a great image.

Apologies for Burnaby making another appearance in this sub fora; that particular vignette is the one I have been asked to photograph so I would hardly go with something else.

I would appreciate any advice regarding the images as I know there is a lot of room for improvement.

Oh, one last thing, it was noticeable that the vignette was in need of another coat of matt varnish and will be getting one tomorrow

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