Thanks guys! Yea this city is going to be fairly intact and wont be completely covered in skulls. I've been influenced from all the old dirty buildings growing up in New Orleans and the crowded colors from port calls in Singapore when I was a mariner. I have a pretty long list of great terrain to get but I'm going to try to get one thing at a time. It will definitely be more than I can fit on a standard table but my ultimate hobby goal is when I'm a home owner to have a hobby room with an 8'x6' table for playing on.

The latest construction is the May building by Blacksite Studios. This mdf kit is nice and tall and prepainted. I may have accidentally rubbed some of the green off n places when I was wiping the soot off. It comes in a ridiculous amount of sheets at first due to the layering but almost half are used up for the first floor. In Port Orleans this is the Merchant Bank building which also houses the Protection & Indemnity Clubs which underwrite voyages to and from the port. I'm yet undecided if my next acquisition should be a cathedral from MAD Gaming Terrain or an office tower from LOS Block.