Port Orleans lays far out in the Ghoul Stars. The instability of the Astronomican in these reaches has led to an increased use of Chartist Captains and their immense merchant vessels which operate non-warp liner service maintaining trade between inhabited systems. While this area of space may seem dangerous to outsiders due to being almost beyond the fringes of Imperial power, the remoteness has also enabled its dwellers to avoid much of the debilitating effects of Imperial politics and policies. Port Orleans is a major transhipment hub for moving cargoes between vessels for inter and intra system carriage.

While much of the work is done in high orbiting marshaling yards, repair docks, loading stations, and stowage terminals, many administrative and support industries can be found planetside. Port Orleans hosts the headquarters of financial institutions which oversee the brokerage and underwriting of voyages as well as logistics offices which manage cargo tracking and surveying. The availability of space elevators and transatmospheric craft allows the operators and laborers of the orbiting facilities to commute back to surface homes between work rotations.

The Port has weathered countless incursions and insurrections however it has been spared full invasion or rebellion resulting in a curious mix of newer and older architecture absent many other Imperial cities which invariably seem to be razed at one point or another. The level of trade has also diversified the styles and materials exhibited in construction not necessarily available to other cities.

First some Warsenal Terrain

The Dragonís Den has become Imperial Navy 42nd Expeditionary Fleetís official watering hole when anchored at Port Orleans. Itís open to civilians but it may be assumed they wish to join the navy and are pressed into service while any credits they have on them at the time are put towards the fleetís tab as it will be a long time before they are eligible for shore leave.
On this particular night the Admiral hit the sauce extra hard and is not listening to the fleet purserís tally of the nights lost bets while the XO is trying to get in touch with the Bosun to send down and Arvus Lighter to pick them up before the mounted Krieg shore patrol decides to throw them all in the drunk tank.

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