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    The First Legion/The Horus Heresy/The Great Betrayal/The Hunt For The Fallen


    The Age of Strife was Mankind's darkest hour, during which the light of civilisation was almost extinguished. It was during this time that the Emperor arose on Terra with a grand scheme to save Humanity. Using arcane science, he created twenty beings of incredible power. Known as the Primarchs, they were born to march at their father's side as he bestrode the stars to reunite the human race. However, the unborn Primarchs were plucked from the Emperor's laboratory by the dark forces of the Ruinous Powers and scattered throughout the galaxy. Undefeated, the Emperor used the Primcarchs' genetic records to create the Space Marine Legions - vast hosts of post-human warriors with whom he would attempt to conquer the galaxy.

    Of the twenty Space Marine Legions, the Dark Angels, the first of the Emperor's Legions, fought as the personal army of the Master of Humanity during his conquest of Terra and the dawning years of the Great Crusade. It was the Ist Legion's transhuman warriors that dominated the final days of the Wars of Unification, easily defeating all their Terran opponents and forcing those among the Tech-priests of Mars who had intervened in the conflict on Terra to sue for peace. The prototype of what were to become the Legiones Astartes, the Dark Angels served as both the template for the more specialised Legions that were to come after them and as a standard by which these successors would be measured. Prone to experimental methods of combat, and equipped with large numbers of advanced archeotech and Plasma weapons, the Dark Angels - not even know as the Ist Legion, as no others yet existed - were simply referred to by the Emperor as his 'Angels Of Death' or the 'Six Hosts'.

    Now, with the cradle of Humanity secured firmly beneath the Emperor's rule, he struck out from Terra as the head of his mighty assemblage, this great undertaking spearheaded by the Emperor's twenty, newborn Space Marine Legions, the Ist Legion, most powerful and favoured of the Emperor, first amongst them. None could stand before the fury of the Legiones Astartes, and Humanity's scattered enclaves were swiftly reunited beneath the banner of the Imperial Truth, a golden age of Humanity seemingly at hand. However, the Ist Legion's pre-eminence amongst Space Marine Legions would not last. Savaged by solar decades of unimaginable brutal warfare, the Rangdan Xenocides, in particular, one of the most apocalyptic campaigns of the Great Crusade, the Ist Legion's numbers would be severely depleted, all but ending the Legion's primacy.

    The scars of these battles would forever change the Ist Legion, as would their eventual reunification with their Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, and the introduction of fresh blood from his adopted world of Caliban. A Death World, Caliban was dominated by a warlike, feudal society of techno-barbarians. It was from the planet's warrior orders that these new recruits would flow, aiding in the Legion's regeneration, and the Legion, in turn, would adopt the warrior orders' martial codes and practices as their own, incorporating them into the rituals and beliefs of the newly rebuilt Legion. Now reunited with their gene-sire, the newly re-christened Dark Angels Legion would continue to make war in the Emperor's name with merciless determination, attacking the nascent Imperium's enemies without remorse, striding unflinchingly the fire of their enemies' mightiest warriors, enemy counter-attacks dashing themselves to pieces against the Dark Angels' unyielding battle-lines.


    For almost three centuries, the Great Crusade continued, pushing ever-onward, reuniting more disparate strands of Humanity with one another, until Horus, the Warmaster, Primarch of the Luna Wolves and favoured son of the Emperor, turned traitor. Seduced by the evil whispers of the Chaos Gods, Horus rebelled against the Imperium. Worse, he convinced fully half of the Primarchs to turn their Legions against the Emperor.

    The Dark Angels at this time had once more become one of the Emperor's most powerful Legions. Highly independent, and used to operating on their own to conduct large scale campaigns and compliance actions. Because of this, the fear of the Ist Legion's intervention led the machinations of the Warmaster Horus to ensure that when his treacherous plans came to fruition, the Dark Angels had been despatched to the outer edges of the Imperium where they would be unable to interfere, at least for a time. However, as the Horus Heresy progressed, the power of this Legion would make itself known, savaging the Night Lords at Thramas and going on to unleash destruction on an unprecedented scale during the later years of the Heresy.

    Ultimately, however, neither the Dark Angels Legion nor the Lion would arrive to Terra in time to aid the Emperor. Instead, both they, the Ultramarines Legion, and their Primarch, Roboute Guilliman acted as decoys, leading diversionary attacks against the Traitor fleets blocking the path to Terra, allowing the Primarch, Sanguinius, and his Legion, the Blood Angels, to race directly for Terra through the opening the two other Legions and their Primarchs had made for them. The Lion, hoping to draw Traitor forces away from the throneworld, continued these diversionary tactics, striking out at the Traitor Legions' homeworlds, and as a result, destroyed several Traitor homeworlds, such as Chemos, of the Emperor's CHildren, and Barbarus, of the Death Guard.

    By the time the Dark Angels eventually reached Terra, the Arch-Traitor Horus was already dead. In one last gambit, the Emperor, accompanied by leading members of his elite personal guard, the Legio Custodes, the Primarchs Sanguinius and Rogal Dorn, and several companies of Imperial Fists and Blood Angels Veteran Space Marines had teleported aboard Horus' Battle Barge, the Vengeful Spirit. A desperate battle followed, in which Sanguinius was slain by Horus. The Emperor, too, was crippled, lain low by the daemonically empowered Warmaster, but he, in turn, slew his treacherous son, burning him from existence completely.

    With Horus dead, the Traitor Legions fled in disarray, leaving behind an Imperium on the brink of annihilation. The Emperor, wounded unto death, was forced to retreat to the life-sustaining machine known as the Golden Throne. And it would thus fall to his surviving sons to salvage his war-torn realm and stave off the ever-increasing threat of Chaos.


    In the aftermath of the Siege of Terra, the surviving Loyalists rallied the reeling Imperium. Lion El'Jonson, wracked with grief over the inability of his Dark Angels to reach Terra in time to prevent the fall of the Emperor during the Siege of Terra led his Legion with almost unmatched devotion, his forces heroically confronting and ultimately obliterating numerous Traitor warbands in what would later come to be called the Great Scouring. As they pursued the Traitors, the Ist Legion diverted to nearby Caliban, which had been enshrouded by Warp storms since Horus' betrayal. For Lion El'Jonson and his Legion, one final act of treachery remained to be discovered. Consumed by his jealousy of the Lion's glories, the heroic knight Luther - formerly Jonson's closest friend and ally - had embraced the Dark Gods of Chaos. Worse, his impassioned oratory has led all the Dark Angels on Caliban into heresy.

    Thus the Dark Angels' grand homecoming was not met with jubilation, but with a sudden, shocking storm of laser-fire from Caliban's surface. Several Dark Angels ships were torn apart before Jonson's fleet could pull back into deep space, and once the Primarch pieced together what had occurred, his cold fury was terrible to behold. Determined to punish his once-brother - and to burn away the rot that had beset his Legion - the Lion swiftly planned a devastating assault from space.

    Moving into position, Jonson's ships began a massive orbital bombardment. They obliterated Caliban's orbital defences and drove the Traitors back into their void-shielded fortress monasteries. Jonson personally led his forces on a surgical drop assault against the greatest of these strongholds and the seat of Luther's power. The planet burned and fire rained from space as Jonson confronted Luther and saw him to be completely corrupted by Chaos, almost nothing of his old friend had survived. Luther, now a Chaos Champion, had been elevated to a strength equal to that of the enraged Primarch by the Chaos Gods and the two met in combat, the likes of which would not be seen again. The violence of their clash tearing the fortress apart around them. Finally, as the intensity of the Dark Angels' bombardment cracked the very crust of the world, Luther stumbled. Yet Jonson could not bring himself to kill the man who had been his brother and mentor. Luther had no such compunction and blasted the Primarch off his feet with a monstrously powerful psychic attack.

    As Jonson fell, Luther realised at last what he had done. With a sorrowful scream, he fell to his knees at Jonson's side. Hearing the cry, the Dark Gods knew they had been denied their victory once again. Enraged, they engulfed Caliban in a vast Warp storm. Already mortally wounded, the homeworld of the Ist Legion disintegrated, much of it swallowed by the Warp along with the surviving traitors.

    In the wake of the cataclysm, the loyalist Dark Angels descended to the surface of the last remnant of their world. Preserved by its mighty shields, Luther's ruined fortress stood atop that shattered rock. It was there that they found Luther himself, gibbering and insane. Of Jonson himself, there was no sign, though Luther swore the Primarch had been borne away by robed figures. Perhaps worse, the renegade Dark Angels were also gone, bearing with them the terrible tale of the Legion's shame. Thus beginning the terrible, endless quest by the Lion's sons to find and silence those who would become known as the Fallen, to secure their repentance and wash away the stain upon the Dark Angels and all their Successor Chapters' souls.


    In the wake of Caliban's fall, the Dark Angels' leaders concealed their terrible shame, forming a small, secretive group know as the Inner Circle. Hidden even from their own brothers, this organisation dedicates itself completely to the hunt for the Fallen.

    Since the inception of the Inner Circle, the Dark Angels and their Successor Chapters have been fighting a secret war. They pursue a veiled agenda of which even a majority of their own brethren are ignorant. Most Dark Angels know nothing of their Chapter's shadowy past and are instead indoctrinated to unquestioningly obey the commands of their masters. Only those who demonstrate their total devotion to the Chapter can join the Inner Circle, and even then they must pass numerous dangerous tests to prove their worth.

    Those who fail these trials fail without a word, never to be seen again. The rest are sworn to absolute secrecy before being told of Luther's betrayal and the existence of the Fallen. Even then, though a Dark Angel will believe that he knows the whole truth of his Chapter's history, there are circles within circles, and always more dark secrets to be revealed. But it is enough for him to know that is is the Fallen that move the Dark Angels to true fury, and it is these ancient Traitors that the Inner Circle hunt, no matter the cost.

    The Fallen themselves are deadly foes - warriors of a bygone age whose strength and cunning are beyond anything the galaxy has seen in millennia. While some regret their actions during the fall of Caliban, most are unrepentant renegades who surround themselves with whole armies of fanatical worshipers. To slay these heretics is hard enough, but simply killing them will not suffice. The Fallen must be defeated and taken alive. For this, the Dark Angels have their fearsome 1st Company: the Deathwing. Armoured in absolute dedication to their Chapter, deaf to the lies of traitors and heretics, the Deathwing hunt down the Fallen, eradicate their followers and subdue them for capture. The Traitors are then borne back to the Rock in secret, where they are handed over to the skull-helmed Interrogator-Chaplains. It is these grim figures who are charged with extracting the confessions of the ancient traitors by any means. Only through the repentance of the Fallen do the Dark Angels feel they can be absolved, and the Inner Circle will do absolutely anything to achieve this end.
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