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    Heroes Of The Chapter/Mahir Shamgar/Order Of The Arcane Blade/Arcane Blade Discipline


    Codex Adeptus Astartes: Angels Of Vengeance Supplement - Heroes Of The Chapter details the background and rules information that describes six more imposing figures from the ranks of the Angels Of Vengeance's many heroes and champions. This supplement will enable you to forge and field your Angels Of Vengeance collection into an echo of the Dark Angels' Legion of old, with each unique character accompanied by a Formation centred around their unique temperaments and ways of waging war.


    Though not the Grand Master of the Angels Of Vengeance Librarius, and of lacklustre aptitude for the sinister and invasive telepathic psychic abilities of the Chapter's Interromancy discipline, Mahir Shamgar is one of the Angels Of Vengeance's most powerful and respected psykers. Shamgar's true talents lie within his near-flawless manipulation and execution of the rare Arcane Blade psychic discipline, his psychic powers allowing him to disarm his opponents with a subtle twist of his hand, or send his force sword hurtling across the battlefield like an arrow loosed from a bow, the weapon seemingly guided with unnatural accuracy. Of those in the Chapter well-versed in the way of the sword, only Michael Gabriel himself can call himself Shamgar's better, and the Librarian's skill with a blade is known throughout the Angels Of Vengeance as well as the other Unforgiven Chapters. It is thus that in battle, Mahir Shamgar can often be found in the middle of the thickest fighting, his blade ablaze with psychic energy, his foes cowering before his seemingly unstoppable assault of precise, practised violence.

    Mahir Shamgar has the Angels Of Vengeance Faction, and may only be taken as an HQ option in an Angels Of Vengeance army, or in place of a Librarian in any Angels Of Vengeance Formation.

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Unit Composition
    Shamgar 6 4 4 4 3 5 3 10 2+ Infantry (Character) 1 (Unique)

    • Artificer armour
    • Force sword
    • Plasma pistol
    • Frag grenades
    • Krak grenades
    • Psychic hood

    • Champion of Vengeance

    • Independent Character
    • Inner Circle
    • Mastery of the Blade
    • No Redemption! Only Vengeance!
    • Psyker (Mastery Level 3)

    Preceptor of the Order of the Arcane Blade: When making Psychic tests for psychic powers from the Arcane Blade discipline, Shamgar will harness Warp Charge points on a result of a 3+.

    Mahir Shamgar generates his powers from the Arcane Blade, Biomancy, Divination, and Telekinesis disciplines.

    • May be accompanied by up to two Sword Bearers..... 65pts/model


    The Severing Blade: A dagger of ancient provenance, forged from the unimaginably rare Nightmare Steel, The Severing Blade is a relic far beyond mortal ken to comprehend. It is whispered within the Angels Of Vengeance's Librarium that this weapon's edge is keen enough to cut unreality and reality both when swung; that its subtle edges, which lie beyond both of those dimensions, can never be blunted; and that it oscillates in synchronicity with the turning of the universe itself. Charged with untold ethereal power, this weapon can locate and sever the true essence of a Daemon within the Warp if it passes into proximity with its edge.

    Melee, Severance, Specialist Weapon
    *This weapon has two profiles for both Strength and AP. The first is used only when attacking a unit that contains at least one model with the Daemon, Psyker, Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers or Psychic Pilot special rules; the second is used at all other times.

    Severance: Any model with the Daemon, Psyker, Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers or Psychic Pilot special rules that suffers one or more unsaved Wounds, glancing hits or penetrating hits due to a weapon with this special rule suffers the Perils of the Warp in addition to any other effects.


    The Order of the Arcane Blade is a minor Occultic Order within the Angels Of Vengeance's Librarius, its members combining the Chapter's proud history of swordsmanship and blade-mastery with their formidable psychic talents. On the battlefield, their weapons, shrouded beneath a crackling blaze of potent psychic energy, are targeted towards the most powerful of the enemy's psykers and sorcerers. Some of the Warp-wielding warriors of the Occultic Order will assail these hated foes from afar, their minds casting their blades about the battlefield in a weaving dance, each highly controlled movement piercing armour and cutting flesh. Others will channel their hatred and wrath into their blade, and the blades of their brothers, augmenting their strength and martial prowess above their already superhuman levels.

    This Formation may be taken as an Auxiliary choice in a Vengeance Strike Force Detachment.

    • 1 Mahir Shamgar
    • 2-5 Librarians

    Each Librarian in this Formation must be equipped with a force sword. All units in this Formation must have the Angels Of Vengeance Faction.

    Cenobites of the Order of the Arcane Blade: Librarians in this Formation may generate their powers from the Arcane Blade discipline. In addition, Librarians from this Formation have the Mastery of the Blade special rule.

    Witch Hunters: Re-roll any failed To Wound rolls and armour penetration rolls for models from this Formation that are targeting an enemy unit affected by a Blessing psychic power, or an enemy unit that contains at least one model with the Daemon, Psyker, Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers or Psychic Pilot special rules.


    Those Warp-wielding warriors of the Angels Of Vengeance who not only pursue unrivalled psychic might but also peerless martial prowess will often find themselves upon the path of the Arcane Blade. Those who wield this discipline can not only empower their blades, and the blades of their brothers with their wrath and hatred, but also telekinetically wield those very same weapons, sending them dancing through the enemy's ranks or spearing towards an enemy commander.


    DISARM .......................................... WARP CHARGE 1
    Reaching out his arm and grasping at the air, the Librarian grips hold of the weapons of his foes, using his psychic might to then tear them from the enemies' grasp, leaving them vulnerable to him or his allies in combat.

    Disarm is a malediction that targets a single enemy character within 12". The target character must take a Strength test. If the test is failed, nominate one of the model's weapons; the model counts as not being equipped with that weapon whilst the power is in effect.
    1. BLADE OF ALACRITY ........................... WARP CHARGE 1
    The Librarian channels the powers of the Immaterium into him and his allies, heightening their speed to near supernatural levels; a blur amongst their enemies, their blows too swift to be seen.

    Blade Of Alacrity is a blessing that targets the Psyker. Whilst the power is in effect, the Psyker and his unit have +1 Initiative and Attack.
    2. THE DIVINING BLADE .......................... WARP CHARGE 1
    Harnessing shards of a shattered future, the Librarian channels his knowledge and visions into the mind of a chosen hero, guiding every block, every swing of their sword through premonition and prophecy.

    The Divining Blade is a blessing that targets either the Psyker or a single friendly character within 12" of the Psyker. Whilst the power is in effect, the target re-rolls all To Hit, To Wound and armour penetration rolls of a 1. In addition, while the power is in effect, the target re-rolls failed saving throws.
    3. THE RIGHTEOUS BLADE ....................... WARP CHARGE 1
    Focussing his rage and wrath, the Librarian channels raging the power of his mind, augmenting the strength and martial prowess of his brothers to levels beyond their already superhuman abilities.

    The Righteous Blade is a blessing that targets the Psyker. Whilst the power is in effect, the Psyker and his unit have +1 Weapons Skill and Strength.
    4. THE SEEKER'S BLADE ............................... WARP CHARGE 2
    Using nothing but the power of his mind, the Librarian grasps control of his blade, launching it forward, leaving it to tear through the air towards his foes with uncanny accuracy.

    The Seeker's Blade is a beam power with the following profile:
    Range S AP Type
    18" 6 3 Assault 1, Ignores Cover, Precision Shots
    5. BLADE OF DESOLATION ........................ WARP CHARGE 2
    As he swings his blade, the Librarian rapidly condenses the power of the Immaterium within it before releasing it from the tip of the blade, magnifying the attack and leaving the released tempest of psychic energies to fly forward, towards the enemy.

    Blade Of Desolation is a witchfire power with the following profile:
    Range S AP Type
    Template 5 5 Assault 1, Rending
    6. BLADE MAELSTROM ............................... WARP CHARGE 3
    The Librarian focuses his entire mental might into creating a vast rotating array of psychic blade-constructs that orbit around the Librarian, cutting and scything at nearby opponents, shredding them to a bloody pulp with an unrelenting barrage psychically manifested steel.

    Blade Maelstrom is a nova power with the following profile:
    Range S AP Type
    9" 6 3 Assault 2D6, Ignores Cover, Shred

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