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Thread: Codex Adeptus Astartes: Angels Of Vengeance (7th Edition)

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    The Dreadwing/The Raptorwing/Strike Forces


    The Dreadwing are the Angels of Vengeance's 1st Order. Like the other elite battle-brothers of the other Unforgiven Chapters, they fight clad exclusively in ancient suits of Terminator armour. Near invincible and utterly indomitable, they are the Chapter's ultimate weapon against the Fallen, the warrior elite charged with confronting and eliminating these renegades. As such, only those who have shown incredible skill at arm and total loyalty to their Chapter can undergo the exacting rites of initiation required to join the Dreadwing. Those who survive the mental, physical and spiritual rigours of this ritual take their place amongst the ranks of their Chapter's elite.

    Less renowned than their Deathwing counterparts, the Dreadwing are still an unmatched assault force, capable of marching unflinchingly into the heaviest of enemy fire. They can teleport straight into the midst of battle, ripping the heart from the enemy army. No foe is too great for them to subdue, and no mission is too difficult or dangerous for them to complete. Equipped with, and expert in the use of otherwise proscribed and forbidden weaponry, the Dreadwing are marked by their fire-blackened and chem-scalded armour. And their reputation is such that the mere sight of them is enough to put many a foe to flight.

    However, there are drawbacks of using such deadly weaponry, and the inevitable physical toll it takes on their bodies. Despite their genetically-enhanced Astartes physiology, members of the Dreadwing often display the physical effects of long-term use and proximity to such toxic weaponry, including radiation-induced cellular degeneration, abnormally pale skin that displayed unhealthy lightning-storms of veins and blood-bruises staining the flesh, yellowed-jaundiced eyes, and aggressive and rare forms of cancer which often resulted in the replacement of the affected organs with augmetic replacements.

    To suffer through such a torturous existence requires courage and a boundless hatred of the foe: emotions that burn fiercely within the breasts of those bought into the Inner Circle. In battle, these warriors are beacons of righteous fury, leading their brothers to pound their enemies into a bloody, unrecognisable pulp. All Dreadwing are utterly devoted, following the commands of their superiors without question and willingly performing any act, no matter how heinous, in the name of their unrelenting hatred of the enemies of the Imperium of Man.


    Camoflauged and unseen, the Raptorwing are the Angels of Vengeance's masters of lightning-fast attacks. Hunters almost without peer, they strike from the shadows with sudden force, seeking to confound and dispatch their foes as quickly as possible.

    Whether picking off the sentries of an enemy fuel dump with pinpoint sniping or springing carefully prepared ambushes for the foe's supply convoys, the Angels of Vengeance's 2nd Order are well versed in guerrilla warfare. However, these actions are but preparations, baiting the trap for their true targets. When it comes time to strike, the bike-mounted majority of the Raptorwing will tear from the undergrowth, pressing heedlessly forward through the enemy's fire to carve into their ranks like a blade through a monster's throat.

    Like the Dark Angels' Ravenwing, the Raptorwing is comprised of some of the finest riders and pilots their Chapter has to offer, and is an ideal force for fast assault missions, with far-ranging Huntsmen Squads and bike-mounted Outrider Squads acting as their own advanced reconnaissance force. These scouting elements will often remain in wait for days if not weeks as they surveil their foes, plotting out enemy patrols and marking critical targets. Other times, they will take to concealed vantage points and panic the enemy with long-range sniping, or harass the foe's flanks in order to disrupt their ability to attack or defend. Then, when the moment is right, the heavier armed and armoured units of the Raptorwing will gun their engines and roar into the fight en masse, a hurtling gale of armour, blazing guns and roaring chainswords that sweeps the enemy before it.

    Should a vital target present itself, the Raptorwing mount teleport homers upon their bikes that allow them to summon the ghastly might of the Dreadwing to the battlefield; not only does this all but guarantee victory, it also gives a clue to their true, veiled purpose. Known only to their Order Paladin, and to the carefully selected Inner Circle members of his Talon elite, the mission of the Raptorwing is to hunt out and run to ground Fallen Dark Angels. This is why every member of the Raptorwing must be not only an expert rider and hunter but also fervently dedicated to his Chapter. More than any other force, the battle-brothers of the Raptorwing are likely to be exposed to the pernicious lies of the Fallen. They must, therefore, be unquestioning in their faith, and are monitored closely at all times by their Chaplains.


    Across the galaxy, the Angels of Vengeance fight in countless different war zones, against a myriad of foes. To best combat these threats, their strike forces combine different elements of their Chapter's strength into deadly armies that are greater than the sum of their parts.

    The Lion's greatest legacy is his strategic genius - a quality passed on to his sons through the Chapter's gene-seed. This trait manifests exponentially as an Angel of Vengeance ascends towards the rank of Paladin. Such officers can plan a campaign to the last detail, execute faultless assaults, and assemble impenetrable defences instinctively. Central to this ability is the deployment of the correct mix of squads, vehicles and support elements. To this end, the Angels of Vengeance form strike forces - self-contained armies assembled to prosecute a specific campaign or vanquish a particular foe.

    Every Chapter keeps tomes within its Librarius that detail templates for different strike forces, each with its own specific battlefield strengths. For most Chapters, their main source of such lore is the Codex Astartes, however, due to the Chapter's vast divergence from the standard organisational structure that the codex outlines, the Angels of Vengeance have had to adapt and manipulate many of these to suit their own needs. Throughout the millennia, many scrolls have been penned by the Chapter's subsequent Chapter Masters, each detailing a specific strike force unique to the Angels of Vengeance. Collectively, these writings are known as the Index Iudiciis and are stored in stasis-sealed armaglass deep within the lowest levels of the Blackstone Tower.

    Many specialist formations are detailed within the Index Iudiciis, from the mighty anvil that is the Black Wall, to the lightning-fast speartip assault force of the Starfall Strike Force. All share one common factor: though applicable against any number of foes, their doctrines and composition make them excellent tools which with to hunt the Fallen, ready in a heartbeat to hurl themselves against any defence the renegades might possess and counter any weapon they may deploy.

    The strike force most frequently used by the Angels of Vengeance - known as the Vengeance Strike Force - is structured primarily around a War-company supported by elements of the Dreadwing and Raptorwing. The strike force is often strengthened by specialist Order veteran squads for added tactical flexibility and lethality, as well as vehicles from the Order's Armoury for heavy fire support. An extremely versatile and powerful weapon of war, the Vengeance Strike Force possesses the killing power to crush whole armies of heretics, or safeguard entire hive cities from xenos predation. As with all Angels of Vengeance strike forces, it is likewise always ready to deliver the killing blow should one of the Fallen be foolish enough to drop their guard.
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