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    The Orders/The War-Companies/Order Veterans


    At the forefront of the Angels of Vengeance's many wars, the Orders fight in the name of the Emperor, the Lion and Humanity. Utterly dedicated to their Chapter, these warriors conduct themselves with conviction and heroism on battlefields all across the galaxy.

    The organisation of the Angels of Vengeance owes more to the ideals behind their initial inception and the necessary tenants and doctrine required to maintain the ability to properly prosecute the actions those ideals entail than to the formal dictates of the Codex Astartes. The fifteen Orders that make up the Chapter - with the exception of the 1st and 2nd Orders - are more akin to individual warrior-brotherhoods ruled over by their master and his council of advisers.

    An Order's commander is known as a Paladin, a warrior whose only master is the Chapter Master himself. Below the Order Paladin stand his Company Captains, veteran warriors elected to their position by their peers. Each Company Captain will command anywhere from forty to one-hundred battle-brothers on their Paladin's behalf. Unlike the Codex Astartes' Battle Companies, which are based around six squads of Tactical Marines, two of Assault Marines, and two of Devastators, the Angels of Vengeance's Orders are instead based primarily around two types of squads, Chevalier Squads and Initiate Squads, with each Order differing in the exact number of each. In addition to these two main types of squads, each order will retain a small number of specialist squads, each formed of hand-picked veteran warriors elevated into the Chapter's Inner Circle. To ensure mobility and support, each Order also maintains enough Rhino and Razorback APCs to transport all of their warriors into battle. Finally, each Order has its own headquarters and territory within the Angels of Vengeance's massive Fortress Monastery and has its own spacecraft, armoury and other facilities. In almost all aspects, it is a separate, almost self-sufficient entity.

    Unlike most other Chapters, the Angels of Vengeance do not replenish their slain battle-brothers from other Orders, instead, each Order will attend to their losses internally, promoting battle-proven Initiates into one of the Order's Chevalier Squads or assigning newly trained Neophytes to one of the Order's Initiate Squads. To be able to do this, each Order cultivates their own supply of Neophytes, either recruiting directly from Vengeance and its surrounding planets and systems or one of the Chapters numberless Keeps within wider space. While these transitions are laden with ritual and meaning, with each Order having their own unique rites of initiation, this is not to obfuscate information and stratify knowledge, at least not to the extent of their other Unforgiven brothers. That is not to say that there are no divisions between the information battle-brothers of the Chapter receive of their Primogenitor Chapter's mysterious history, but that there are both less of them and each is much more distinct. For example, all Initiates within the Chapter will have the learned the same truths as one another, but all will have learned less than any one of the Chapter's Chevalier, who in turn will know less than their Order Veteran brothers.


    In war, one commander cannot be everywhere at once - nor should he attempt to be - with the duty of overseeing far-flung battlefields falling to each Order's Company Captains, and their War-companies.

    The War-companies of each Order bear main duties of combat and are the ever-enduring core around which every strike force is formed. On the attack they are without remorse, striding unflinchingly through the fire of their foes; in defence, they are utterly unyielding, the enemy dashing themselves to pieces against the Angels of Vengeance's impenetrable lines. And while not as tactically flexible as a standard Space Marine Chapter's Battle Companies, each War-company acts as the anvil upon which the Chapter's more specialised units will break the enemy.

    The bulk of each War-company is comprised of Initiates, with each Company fielding five fifteen-men squads when at full strength. These squads are formed of the least experienced Brothers in each Order, thrust into the merciless maelstrom of war, each exchange forging them anew. Each squad is led by a Preceptor, a battle-brother equal parts grizzled veteran and aspiring chaplain, their keen insights and roaring exhortations serves to make each of these squads to be much more than the sum of experience would suggest.

    To support these inexperienced warriors, each War-Company includes at least two squads of Chevaliers, veterans of dozens, if not hundreds of campaigns. The iron resolve of the Angels of Vengeance's Chevaliers is the stuff of legends, and they are renowned throughout the Imperium. Humourless, merciless and murderously efficient, these skilled warriors form the adamantium backbone of each of the Chapter's War-companies. Adaptability is the hallmark of these squads, their battle-brothers well versed in the arts of fighting with blade and pistol, heavy weapons such as missile launchers and plasma cannons, and specialist weapons like the flamer, meltagun or grav-gun. It is this versatility that makes these Chevalier Squads so indispensable. They can be tasked with holding ground, with providing fire support, or with charging headlong into the bloody storm of close combat - often all within the course of a single battle - and will fulfil each new command with speed and skill.


    Oft clad in swirling monastic robes, faces shadowed by deep cowls, squads of Angels of Vengeance Order Veterans are a sinister sight upon the field of battle.

    Unlike the Company Veterans of other Unforgiven Chapters, the Order Veterans of the Angels of Vengeance are not all masters of both long-ranged firefights and vicious, close-quarters combat. While they are trained to wield any weapon in the Chapter's arsenal, each Veteran's proficiency in one form of warfare has been polished to near-perfection, with like-minded warriors grouped together to form highly specialised, and impossibly adept squads. Each of these warriors is a fully-inducted member of the Chapter's Inner Circle, their fanaticism strengthening both their own resolve and that of their brothers.

    The master marksmen of the Perditor Squads are deployed wherever the line is thinnest or a priority target is spotted. These warriors are icily calm, standing firmly against enemy fire and placing each shot with an artisan's skill. Perditors are issued with the Chapter's heaviest and often otherwise forbidden or proscribed weaponry, and visit absolute devastation to their Chapter's enemies. These veterans fight wordlessly, the bark of their guns all the form of expression they require.

    Where the Chapter's brothers teeter on the edge of defeat, or a swift, vicious blow is required to collapse the enemy's defences entirely, that is where the Order's Domitor Squads will strike. There courageous heroes into the thick of the fray, pistols spitting fury and blades carving crimson arc through the foe. Heroes all, the Domitors are undisputed masters of close-quarters combat, able to plunge headlong into seemingly hopeless battles and emerge, bloody and triumphant. Shock and speed are weapons the Domitors use well, falling upon their foes before the enemy is aware of their danger, and butchering them before they can retaliate.

    When an objective must be achieved, no matter the cost, it is the Excubitors that the Chapter sends forth, consummate warriors and tacticians both. Their plans ever-shifting and complex, by their mind will defences will be circumvented and scoured from their sight. Their strength tempered in decades and often centuries of combat, by their might will headlong charges will be met with unmatched ferocity. None can stand before the unquestionable might of these veterans.
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