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    In The Name Of Vengeance


    For ten millennia, the Angels of Vengeance have slaughtered the Imperium's foes and defended its citizens with grim efficiency, bringing hope to Humanity and terror to their foes. They have fought across the length and breadth of the known galaxy and plunged themselves into the eternal, frigid night of the intergalactic void. Yet for every noble act, another, darker deed lies hidden in the Chapter's annals. And now, as the darkness rises all around and Humanity faces its last, greatest battle for survival, the Angels of Vengeance are needed as never before.

    • The Great Crusade (ca. 798.M30-005.M31) - As the Warp Storms of the Age of Strife subside, the Emperor and His newly created Space Marine Legions forge outwards from Terra to reconquer the galaxy. First amongst the Legions' number are those who would come to be known as the Dark Angels. It is while reclaiming the planets colonised by Humanity during the Age of Strife that the Primarch Lion El'Jonson, one of the lost sons of the Emperor, is discovered on Caliban, and is reunited with the Legion made from his gene-seed. Under El'Jonson's leadership, the newly renamed Dark Angels serve the Emperor’s cause with great distinction, claiming more victories than any other Legion save for the XVI - the Luna Wolves, under the command of El'Jonson's brother Horus.

    • The Horus Heresy (005-014.M31) - Knowing the Dark Angels and their Primarch would remain stubbornly loyal to the Emperor, the Warmaster Horus orders them to the Eastern Fringe on the far side of the galaxy. Hampered by distance, ambushes set up by the traitorous Night Lords and daemonic attacks, the Dark Angels cannot ultimately reach Terra in time to participate in the defence of the Imperial Palace, the culminating battle of the civil war.

    • Fall Of Caliban (ca. 014.M31) - Caliban is torn apart by betrayal, and the Fallen are scattered across the galaxy.

    • The Founder's Exile (ca. 014.M31) - Unable to bring himself to be a part of what he sees as a betrayal of both the Emperor and the Lion, Amir Kuhn, Grand Master of the Dark Angles' 18th Order resigns from his post and placing himself in self-imposed exile, he takes with him just over a thousand of his most loyal subordinates, and together they instigated a self-proclaimed crusade of vengeance against the renegade Space Marines of the Traitor Legions.

    • The Great Scouring (014-021.M31) - With the Emperor grievously wounded by Horus and confined to His Golden Throne, the armies of the Imperium strike back against the reeling Traitors after the Battle of Terra. The Dark Angels Legion plays a significant role in these campaigns of vengeance and is integral in driving out the forces of Chaos from multiple systems and forcing them to retreat into the Eye of Terror.

    • A Legion No More (Unknown Date.M31) - The Dark Angels accept, for the most part, the strictures of the Codex Astartes, splitting what remains of their Legion into separate Chapters of 1,000 Astartes each. These Successor Chapters become collectively known as "the Unforgiven."

    • The Forgotten Wars (580.M31-632.M32) - During an unspoken period of their history, referred to as the Forgotten Wars, rumours led the Dark Angels, along with three of their Successor Chapters, the Angels of Vengeance, the Angels of Redemption and the Lions Sable, to embark upon a harrowing campaign to track down multiple Fallen. The clues led them through Segmentum Obscurus, deep into the Gothic Sector, and eventually into the Eye of Terror itself. In hindsight, it is easy to see that the Ruinous Powers baited the Dark Angels. Only the Dark Angels' irrepressible resolve allowed them to escape, and they paid a high price in casualties. The Lions Sable were completely annihilated. To cover up their immediate losses after their warriors were thought lost to the Warp, the resources of the recruiting world of the Lions Sable - the ebon orb of Nachwald - were usurped to replenish the Angels of Vengeance and the Angels of Retribution. The Dark Angels staged a false plasma explosion aboard the Rock to explain their loss of records, for it was decided by the Inner Circle to destroy all records relating to the event. Of the Forgotten Wars, the Dark Angels do not speak, nor has it entered into the apocryphal tales told to their initiates. They have gone to great lengths to ensure all references to that campaign or to the Lions Sable have been stricken from the records available to the Adeptus Terra. Deep in the dungeons of the Rock are secreted the only remaining accounts, and only those of the Inner Circle ever learn of that heroic sacrifice that must forever go untold.

    • Reconcilliation Of Angels (Unknown Date.M33) - Following the Angels of Redemption's initiative, the other Unforgiven Successor Chapters, aided by the vast armouries of The Rock, re-equip their 1st and 2nd Companies in emulations of the Dark Angels' Deathwing and Ravenwing. This marks the first recorded instance of an Angels of Vengeance Chapter Master - since their first Chapter Master, Amir Kuhn - stepping onto the Dark Angels' Fortress Monastery.

    • A New Homeworld (ca. 710-958.M35) - Having realised that the Chapter needs to improve its foundation if it is to continue prosecuting its battles against the Imperium's foes, the Angels of Vengeance search for and establish a new Chapter homeworld in the Sildan system of the Eastern Fringe. Construction of the Chapter's Fortress Monastery takes nearly a quarter of a century, and on its completion, both the planet and the system are renamed Vengeance in honour of the occasion.

    • The Red Heresy (290-310.M36) - During the Age of Apostasy, the Red Heresy Plague erupts deep in the Segmentum Tempestus across the heavily populated star cluster known as the Don'lorth Sector, foreshadowing of the later battles that would become known as The Plague of Unbelief. It is here that the Cult of the Old Gods rises. Agitators and anarchists stir up the hives into open rebellion. Workers in their untold billions are urged by red-robed priests to cast off their shackles, to reject the corpse-god Emperor. The horrific slaughter of all agents of the Adeptus Administratum and Adeptus Ministorum is enough to draw in vast fleets of Imperial armed forces. Seeking a quick way to end the rebellion, the Silver Skulls Chapter deploy en masse in a desperate attempt to kill the leaders behind the rising cult. The hunt is disastrous - with Drop Pod assaults ambushed and multiple Thunderhawks brought down en route to their objectives. Only the arrival of Dark Angels Deathwing and Ravenwing forces, along with the 3rd Company of the Angels of Vengeance, staves off certain defeat. However, the Silver Skulls observe the Deathwing forsaking the battle in pursuit of a mysterious robed Space Marine, which later turns out to be the notorious Fallen known as Cypher. Before Cypher escapes, an Angels of Vengeance Librarian detects several Fallen ensconced within the red-robed hierarchy of the Red Heresy. The Silver Skulls are left to dig themselves out of their own predicament. They do so, but openly condemn the Dark Angels and their Successor; another formal protest is filed to the High Lords of Terra.

    • Siege of Dominus Prime (673.M36) - The Dark Angels and the Angels of Vengeance both deploy their entire 1st Companies to end the five-year deadlock in the Imperial assault against a rebel tyrant. Nigh on two-hundred Terminators crack open the "unassailable fortress" and massacre the Traitors. In truth, the Unforgiven's numbers were substantially higher, and several prisoners were taken back to The Rock for questioning.

    • The Blackest Time (666-686.M38) - Three Grand Masters of the Ravenwing are lost in a single year in 666.M38, each one slain while in pursuit of a group of Fallen Dark Angels. This marks the beginning of an unprecedented two-decade period where the Ravenwing has no Grand Master. During this time, the Ravenwing are given direct orders from the Grand Master of the 2nd Company of the Angels of Vengeance, as the Dark Angels wait until a suitable candidate can be found from within their own ranks.

    • Destruction of Grymm's Landing (550.M40) - One of the first and most reliable of the Dark Angels' recruiting worlds, Grymm's Landing, is destroyed in an uprising, instigated by the Alpha Legion and supported by elements of the Night Lords. The Angels of Vengeance respond, deploying two whole Orders, as well as reinforcements from the Chapter's Dreadwing. The Space Marines experience heavy resistance planet-side, having to fight through unending waves of Renegades, cultists and madmen. The campaign lasts two months, but finally, despite massive casualties, the Angels of Vengeance manage to exterminate every living thing from the surface of Grymm's Landing.

    • Siege of San Apolis (Unknown Date.M40) - During this campaign, the Angels of Vengeance's losses are so severe that they are forced to spend almost a Terran century replenishing their ranks and their gene-seed stocks before being able to actively serve the Emperor and do battle effectively once more.

    • A Legacy Reforged (614.M41) - Following the death of Chapter Master Hezekiah at the hands of the Fallen, Amos Chorazin is named as his successor by the members of the Chapter's Inner Circle. Upon ascension to his new rank, Chorazin declares to the assembled members of the Chapter that the Imperium had grown weak and that it was dying. Surrounded amongst the clamorous outcries raised from his fellow Space Marines, Chorazin swiftly quieted those who denounced him, calmly explaining that this too was a sin of the Chapter's and their burden as Astartes to bear. As silence and order returned to the gathering, Chorazin swore an oath to each and every battle-brother there, declaring that for as long as he lived he would never allow the Imperium to fall.

    • The Foundling And The Vagrant (731.M41) - As a small infant, the boy who would go on to be known as Michael Gabriel is discovered by the Lord Protector of House Corvere while out on a ranging expedition into one of the planet's great forests. The child is found accompanied by a hulking, robed giant of a man who refused to give his name when asked, simply referring to himself as "The Praeceptor". The Lord Protector helps escort the unlikely pair back to civilisation, whereupon he adopts the infant child as his own and appoints the strange vagrant as the child's swordmaster upon his urging.

    • The Eleven-Hundred-And-Fifty-Eighth Court Of Blades (748.M41) - The 1158th Court Of Blades is interrupted when the adopted son of House Corvere's Lord Protector throws himself into the arena from the stands, declaring the rite of free challenge - an archaic challenge long consigned to the annuls of history. Amused by the both the boy's audacity and knowledge, Nathan Hosea, the Chaplain overseeing the Aspirant Trial, sanctions his challenge, declaring the boy must defeat one-hundred opponents in a row to fulfil his rite and be admitted to the Chapter. Over the next three hours, the young aspirant dispatches opponent after opponent, until for the hundredth opponent, the Chaplain himself steps into the sparring circle. Already exhausted by the previous ninety-nine bouts the young boy barely manages to last five blows against the Astartes and is knocked unconscious into the dirt of the arena. It is not until hours later that he awakes, finding himself already deep within the bowels Blackstone Tower.

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