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Thread: Codex Adeptus Astartes: Angels Of Vengeance (7th Edition)

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    Forces Of The Angels Of Vengeance/Vengeance Strike Force


    The following section details background and rules information that describes the forces used by the Angels Of Vengeance - their warriors, their vehicles and the characters that lead them into battle. This section will enable you to forge your collection of Angels Of Vengeance miniatures into an army ready to fight battles in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

    When choosing an army to play a game of Warhammer 40,000, there are two main ways of organizing your collection. These are the Unbound method, which means taking whichever units you like, and the Battle-forged method, which is more rigid but has extra benefits. Both are described fully in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.

    If you are using the Unbound method, simply use the datasheets later in this section that correspond to the models in your collection. If you are using the Battle-forged method, you will instead need to organize the models in your collection into Detachments. This is a fun process in its own right - I mean, look at me! I created a whole new codex for a dead edition of the game because of it. The most common of these are the Combined Arms and Allied Detachments. Note that you can also include any of the Formations presented in this section as a part of a Battle-forged army.

    The Vengeance Strike Force is a special type of Detachment that can be included in any Battle-forged army. Unlike the Detachments shown in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules, it has a Force Organization Chart whose slots are a combination of specific Formations and Army List Entries instead of Battlefield Roles. However, it still has compulsory and optional elements, as well as Restrictions and Commands Benefits, just like any other Detachment.

    Although units cannot normally belong to more than one Detachment, units from a Formation that are part of a Vengeance Strike Force are an exception. They count as part of both their Formation and the Detachment, and have all associated Command Benefits and special rules. If your Warlord is part of a Formation or an Army List Entry that makes up part of a Vengeance Strike Force, that entire Strike Force is your Primary Detachment.


    The Vengeance Strike Force allows you to represent the typical structure of an Angels of Vengeance army on the Warhammer 40,000 battlefield. Whether you wish to field a full Order with support elements to cleanse an entire star system of foes, or a force assembled to tackle a specific threat, the choices below offer a great way to pick your army.

    For example, David's Angels of Vengeance collection consists of Michael Gabriel, Kedar Mara, a Company Captain, a Librarian, three Chevalier Squads, four Initiate Squads, two units of Dreadwing Terminators, an Excubitor Squad, two Raptorwing Land Speeders, a Sword Strike Interceptor, a Land Speeder Vengeance and a Land Raider Crusader.

    If David wishes to organise his collection using the Battle-forged method - as described in
    Warhammer 40: The Rules - all of his units need to be a part of a detachment or a Formation. David achieves this by choosing one Vengeance Strike Force and one Combined Arms Detatchment from Warhammer: 40,000: The Rules.

    The Vengeance Strike Force in David's army consists of one Core choice, one Command choice and two Auxillary choices. Specifically, it consists of an Inner Circle (Michael Gabriel), a War-company (the Company Captain, two Chevalier Squads and three Initiate Squads), a Dreadwing Eradication Host (Kedar Mara and both of the Dreadwing Terminator Squads) and a Raptorwing Dark-blade (both Raptorwing Land Speeders and the Land Speeder Vengeance).

    Both of David's last Chevalier Squad (Troops) and Initiate Squad (Troops), his Librarian (HQ), his Excubitor Squad (Elites), his Sword Strike Interceptor (Fast Attack) and his Land Raider Crusader (Heavy Support) form a Combined Arms Detachment. As all of his units belong to Detachment or Formation, David's army is a Battle-forged army. The units that are part of Vengeance Strike Force, therefore, have the Stubborn Fanaticism Command Benefit, whilst those that are part of the Combined Arms Detachment have the Objective Secured Command Benefit. Finally, David chooses Michael Gabriel to be his Warlord - the Vengeance Strike Force is, therefore, his army's Primary Detachment.

    This Detachment must include at least one Core choice, one Command choice, and one Auxillary choice. It may also include up to one more Command choice, and any number of additional Core and Auxillary choices, in any combination. Only the datasheets listed below can be included in this Detachment, and all units in the Detachment must have the Angels Of Vengeance Faction.

    Bloodied But Victorious: If a Vengeance Strike Force includes one or more Inner Circle Conclaves, then, in games which would normally have a random game length, the Angels of Vengeance player's opponent can opt to play six full turns instead of the roll to end the game being made.

    Company Support: If a Vengeance Strike Force includes two War-companies, then together they may form an Order. Any unit from the Order that has the option to take a Rhino, Razorback or Drop Pod as a Dedicated Transport may take one at no points cost (though they must pay for any additional upgrades and options as normal).

    Stubborn Fanaticism: All Non-vehicle models in this Formation have the Feel No Pain (6+) and Stubborn special rules.

    • 1 Nathanael Eyal or Company Captain.
    • 0-1 Excubitor Command Squad
    • 2-3 units of Chevaliers
    • 2-4 units of Initiates
    • 0-1 unit of Dreadnoughts

    • 3-4 units chosen in any combination from the following list:
      - Excubitor Squad
      - Domitor Squad
      - Perditor Squad

    • 1 Kedar Mara, Interrogator-Chaplain, Librarian or unit of Dreadwing Knights
    • 2-4 Dreadwing Terminator Squads
    • 0-1 Dreadwing Command Squad
    • 0-1 unit of Venerable Dreadnoughts

    • 1 unit of Raptorwing Talons
    • 1-2 units chosen in any combination from the following list:
      - Raptorwing Hunters
      - Raptorwing Outriders

    • 1 unit of Raptorwing Land Speeders
    • 1 Land Speeder Vengeance

    • 2 Vengeance Gunships

    • 2 Swordstrike Interceptors

    • 1-2 units of Dreadnoughts
    • 0-1 unit of Venerable Dreadnoughts

    • 3 Land Raider Ares

    • 1 Techmarine
    • 1 unit chosen from the following list:
      - Land Raider
      - Land Raider Crusader
      - Land Raider Redeemer
    • 1-3 units in any combination chosen from the following list:
      - Predators
      - Vindicators
      - Whirlwinds

    • 1 unit chosen from the following list:
      - Predators
      - Vindicators
      - Whirlwinds

    • 1 unit chosen from the following list:
      - Amos Chorazin
      - Kedar Mara
      - Eran Boaz
      - Michael Gabriel
      - Nathan Hosea
      - Interrogator-Chaplain
      - Librarian
      - Order Paladin
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