So I've been in the hobby for years, but sadly my Orks hopped on board a Hulk and disappeared into the warp for several years (basically skipping 8th edition until near the very end, with occasional raids but no concerted effort whilst I was embroiled in moving house three times). But now I have a hobby room big enough for a 6'x4' table, and shelves for da boys, and so it's time to get this WAAAGH! back up and running.

My passion is for converting, principally kitbashing and bitz-bashing. As I've regained my passion for building stuff, I figured it'd be best for me to have a log rather than a shedload of threads!

Firstly, a minor upgrade to my cybork squiggoth, which has its own thread so I won't put the pictures up on here as well:

Greenstuffed off the chaos symbol on the leg, think I did a reasonable job with the fur - Paint will tell! it might end up with a plate riveted over it!

To give context, here's a few full-army photos of what survived the moves (about half):

And then my next project, which is something a tiny big bigger and stompier than my cybork squiggoth:

I'm in the process of blowing the dust off (I started this over 5 years ago!!!). I'm going to give it the loadout options for either a gargantuan squiggoth (which I think it has a similar footprint to, despite the overall size being much larger!) and a kustom stompa, depending on which turrets I put on it.

Today I build some Supa-Lobbas - stay tuned for updates!