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Thread: Some Bloke makes some Orks - Gargantuan Mecha-squiggoth!

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    Some Bloke makes some Orks - Gargantuan Mecha-squiggoth!

    So I've been in the hobby for years, but sadly my Orks hopped on board a Hulk and disappeared into the warp for several years (basically skipping 8th edition until near the very end, with occasional raids but no concerted effort whilst I was embroiled in moving house three times). But now I have a hobby room big enough for a 6'x4' table, and shelves for da boys, and so it's time to get this WAAAGH! back up and running.

    My passion is for converting, principally kitbashing and bitz-bashing. As I've regained my passion for building stuff, I figured it'd be best for me to have a log rather than a shedload of threads!

    Firstly, a minor upgrade to my cybork squiggoth, which has its own thread so I won't put the pictures up on here as well:

    Greenstuffed off the chaos symbol on the leg, think I did a reasonable job with the fur - Paint will tell! it might end up with a plate riveted over it!

    To give context, here's a few full-army photos of what survived the moves (about half):

    And then my next project, which is something a tiny big bigger and stompier than my cybork squiggoth:

    I'm in the process of blowing the dust off (I started this over 5 years ago!!!). I'm going to give it the loadout options for either a gargantuan squiggoth (which I think it has a similar footprint to, despite the overall size being much larger!) and a kustom stompa, depending on which turrets I put on it.

    Today I build some Supa-Lobbas - stay tuned for updates!

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    Re: Some Bloke makes some Orks - Gargantuan Mecha-squiggoth!

    some bloke,

    The Greenstuff over the Chaos symbol removes the stigma the beast might have been feeling.

    That is an impressive collection of Green skins, however I do see some white, grey and black models in the batch that have yet to be green. You should join the WPSG and share your progress as you reduce those unfinished Orks and Grots.


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    Re: Some Bloke makes some Orks - Gargantuan Mecha-squiggoth!

    Love the walker- tremendous work.
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    What the Modsticker said.

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