Finally, Sven is back, and he has a new Mechanicum army with him, or is it Mechanicum? We both used converted armies for this game, and with some new terrain, narrative mission and lots of fun! The game lasted till 21:45, and we were both tired after it, but it was lots of fun and joking around, the type of game I enjoy the most.
Also I noticed that each of my friends have a different role on the channel. Jaanus is the serious player, even in casual games he gives his all, and I respect that, as it gives me the motivation to get better at this game.
Sven is the laid back gamer, he can be serious if he wants to, but we both find that its just fun to have a game when you are laid back and enjoying the moment.
And Tanel is the combination of both, he is laid back, but as soon as he sees some mistake, or tactical error, he will point that out immediately!