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    Special Issue Wargear (Cont.)/Armour

    One of the darkest rites of known esoterica, only the most desperately power-hungry psykers undergo Sacrificial Innervation. In doing so, they forego the bounds of humanity and morality to sacrifice a piece of their own soul in pursuit of the deeper knowledge of the Warp. This trade of mortal essence for psychic essence can take many forms, such as ghastly blood rituals, sadistic carnivals of sacrifice and literal compacts with Daemons. Whatever the case, if successful, such a rite leaves the practitioner both greater and lesser than they once were

    A model which undergoes Sacrificial Innervation adds 1 to their Psychic Mastery Level (to a maximum of 4), and may choose to reroll the dice when determining their Warp Charge pool. However, they also subtract -1 from their Wounds characteristic before the game begins.
    Also called scrap code or scrap-code, this is actually a simple form of computer virus, often used by the servants of the Dark Mechanicum against their more technologically advanced opponents. When this weapon is employed, blocks of self-replicating machine-code are constantly being broadcast on every possible vox frequency, and when picked up, if the other cogitator fails to identify the transmission as scrapcode, the virus will quickly flood it by self-replicating, either forcing the machine to shut down or severely impair its functioning.

    When a unit armed with a scrapcode virus makes a shooting attack, one model can choose to use the scrapcode virus, rather than using another shooting weapon.
    Range S AP Type
    8" - - Assault 1, Haywire, Scrapcode Infection
    Unless used in assaults against vehicles, scrapcode viruses have no effect. When used in assault against vehicles, scrapcode viruses have the following profile:
    Range S AP Type
    - - - Haywire, Scrapcode Infection, Unwieldy
    Scrapcode Infection: Should a vehicle lose one or more Hull Points from attacks with this special rule, but not be destroyed, it is infected with viral scrapcode – mark it with a coin or counter as a reminder. At of the end of each turn, roll a D6 for each vehicle with one or more Scrapcode Infection counters on it. On a 3 or less, the vehicle's machine spirit manages to fight off the infection – remove your reminder counter(s). On a 4+, the vehicle suffers a single hit with the Haywire and Ignores Cover special rules.
    The Dark Mechanicum takes the assessment and exploitation of battlefield resources as seriously as their Adeptus Mechanicus counterparts - so much so that many of them will be accompanied by servo-skulls of those whose work in this role continues beyond the point of death.

    At the start of each of your turns, a model with a Scryerskull can choose to identify a single Mysterious Objective anywhere on the battlefield.
    Spell familiars may be a small creature made of bound psychic energy, or a living being invested with the power of the Warp. They can take any form but are often small imps, evil-looking mannequins or twisted dwarfish mutants.

    A model with a spell familiar may re-roll failed Psychic tests. The spell familiar is always assumed to be on the same base as its master. If you wish to represent it separately you can. However, the model itself plays no part in the game; if the model gets in the way, simply move it to one side.
    Hereteks extend their lives by a variety of means; rejuvenat treatments, anti-agapic elixirs, contrachron symbiotes – some even carry exomantic stasis fields that hold them in suspended animation whenever the wearer’s life force is in immediate danger.

    While a model equipped with a stasis field has Gone to Ground, it gains a 2+invulnerable save, but its Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill characteristics are reduced to 0.
    Gene-sculptors are some of the most pre-eminent fleshcrafters in the galaxy, geniuses in the fields of bodily manipulation and anotomical sculpture. Often they will drift across the battlefield with a macabre elegance, welcoming all forms of injured and dying warriors into their embrace; for such horrific injuries, especially on the battlefield, force them to improvise and improve, emerging from the maelstrom of war with even keener insights into the wonders of flesh and blood.

    As long as the bearer is alive, all models in his unit have the Feel No Pain special rule.
    This peculiar array of alien crystals creates a distorting resonance on the frequencies used by plasma weaponry, causing such guns to fire much more wildly, making it almost impossible to keep them on target.

    Models firing plasma weapons (as defined in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules) while within 12" of a model with an Ulumeathi plasma syphon will count as Ballistic Skill 1.
    Nimbuses of pure energy surround Negavolt Cultists, crackling from their bare skin to coalesce into sparking pockets of electromagnetism that hover like will-o-the-wisps above a drowned corpse. When incoming projectile s or energy beams threaten a Negavolt Cultist these tiny voltaic ghosts will often intercede, shattering or dissipating the threats in puffs of burning ozone. When the wearer of the field charges the foe, those same voltagheists ground upon nearby enemies in bursts of electric force.

    A voltagheist field confers a 5+invulnerable save. Furthermore, a model with a voltagheist field has the Hammer of Wrath special rule, resolved at Strength 4, and does not suffer the penalty to their Initiative for charging enemies through difficult terrain,
    but fights at its normal Initiative in the ensuing combat.
    Vore-weapons are genetically engineered beasts, a living assassin’s tool crafted by Heretek Genetor and Xenobiologis Tech-adepts from raw xenos breeding material. This crafting is a dangerous practice for a Mechanicus Tech-priest. While the Omnissiah blesses the toil that created the Grox, Beremoth, and a dozen other worthy Imperial agri–breeds, the creation of new xenos beasts from breeds declared corrupt or vile is tech–heresy.

    Vore-weapons are used at the start of the Fight sub-phase. Nominate one enemy model in base contact with the bearer. That model must pass an Initiative test to avoid the vore-weapon. If the test is passed, the effects of the vore-weapon have been resisted. If the test is failed, roll a D3 and subtract the result from the Weapon Skill and Attacks characteristics of the target model (to a minimum of 1) for the duration of that phase.
    These strange and terrible abominations of ammunition are based on technology reverse-engineered from Yu'Vath relic-weapons, with the munitions themselves being capable of being fired through the Warp itself, the warheads only emerging into realspace just before they strike their target.

    Each time a weapon equipped with Warp munitions fires, the controlling player can choose whether to fire Warp munitions or to use the ordinary profile for that weapon.
    Range S AP Type
    48" 7 4 Heavy 2, Precision Shots, Warp Munitions
    Warp Munitions: For each Precision Shot made by a weapon with this special rule the target automatically suffers a Wound, regardless of its Toughness. These Wounds are resolved at AP2 with the Ignores Cover special rule.


    Carapace armour is made up of large, rigid plates of armaplas or ceramite moulded to fit the wearer.

    Carapace armour confers a 4+ Armour Save.
    Cheap and easy to produce, flak armour comprises several layers of ablative thermoplas materials and impact absorbent carbifibers.

    Flak armour confers a 5+ Armour Save.
    Heretek Hypaspists are protected by armoured plates designed to be worn for several years at a time. Secreted under a superdermal layer of ceramite alloy are recombinant cells that harness moisture from the wearer and recycle it. This liquid is transmuted into a gelatinous unguent that coats the insides of the suit, preventing the slow abrasion of the wearer's body whilst affording a measure of protection from the harmful emanations of their weaponry.

    Hypaspist war plate confers a 4+ Armour Save.
    A divergent form of power armour technology developed originally by the Ordo Reductor of the Mechanicum. Permanently surgically bonded to the body of the wearer, it uses linked mechanical armatures to replace the primary limbs and a compact reactor core to generate power for the wearer's weaponry. The armour is fused directly to the spinal column and nervous system of the wearer and marks them both as warriors of the Dark Mechanicum and serves as a symbol of their servitude.

    Lorica thallax provides a 4+ Armour Save and the Feel No Pain (6+) special rule. However, a model equipped with this armour may not make Sweeping Advances.
    Made from thick ceramite plates and electronically motivated fibre-bundles, power armour is some of the best protective armour available in the galaxy. Amongst the ranks of the Dark Mechanicum it is mainly reserved for Hereteks and those of high-standing in their retinues.

    Power amour confers a 3+ Armour Save.
    Though the torso and head of the Dark Mechanicum's Praetorians hint at their fleshy past, the rest of their frames are a titanium-laced fortress of metal and plasteel that turns aside bullet and blade alike. Compact, yet powerful reactor cores within the Praetorians' armour energises defensive field generators built into the battleplate, protecting the Praetorians' with a shimmering cloak of energy.

    Praetorian battleplate confers a 3+ Armour Save and a 5+ invulnerable save.
    Sub-flak armour consists of any semi-standardised protective armour inferior in make to 'true' flak armour. This could consist of just metal plates with reinforced leather and scraps of mesh-cloth or some sub-standard pattern of cheaply produced flak armour. Either way, such a motley provides scant protection at best.

    Sub-flak armour confers a 6+ Armour Save.
    The elite and highly-augmented Heretek Tribunes go to war clad in a multilayered alloy, though thin and flexible, provides admirable physical protection. This alloy acts as a capacitor that harnesses the energy of incoming attacks and disperses it harmlessly across the wearer's bionic frame.

    Tribune battle armour confers a 4+ Armour Save and a 6+ invulnerable save.

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