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    Codex: Dark Mechanicum (7th Edition)


    Years ago, before I even started my first Codex Adeptus Astartes: Angels Of Vengeance project (or even had an account here), I was a lurker in Warseer's own Codex: Xenarch and << Dark Mechanicus >> threads. In fact, it was those two threads that inspired me to really get into the whole Fandex/Fan-rules sub-scene within our hobby. Years later, after my first attempt (or two) at writing an Angels Of Vengeance Codex, I decided to try and reignite or reimagine the old ideas Warseer had had for the Dark Mechanicum. Suffice to say, I was a little too cocky, and I rushed into it with little thought, planning or heed. It was a mess. And my failure to really do the Dark Mechanicum justice in those pages was one of the reasons I distanced myself from the hobby a couple of years back. Now, however, with all the extra time I have on my hands due to working from home in this pandemic, I've finally been able to go back and revisit almost all of my old notes, sketches, ideas and rough drafts for what I wanted the Dark Mechanicum Codex to be. And with a little help from the hoard of Horus Heresy Forgeworld books I own, I've spent my free-time redoing the Codex from the ground up (when I wasn't typing out thousands of words worth of rules and lore for the Angels Of Vengeance Codex, that is). Now, with Codex Adeptus Astartes: Angels Of Vengeance almost complete (all the rules are written, but I'm struggling with the last few pieces of background to tie the last two supplements together before I post them), I've decided it's a good time to start getting this dead donkey back amongst the lands of the living. Below, in this post, you should find the Codex's Contents with links to each article, unit, character and glossary, all there for your ease of navigation. This will be a long process, and will probably cover pages and pages of this thread, so I ask you: please, please can you wait to post any comments and reactions until I have added the last entry and announced the project's completion. Though, I will still be more than happy to receive any and all comments and replies until that moment via Message. I hope you enjoy the wild ride!

    Now, with that out of the way: on to the contents!


    A God Incarnate
    Dissension In The Ranks

    Rise Of The Dark Mechanicum
    Schism Of Mars
    Forlorn Hope

    Horus Heresy
    Heretek Savants


    The Path Of Discovery (In Progress)

    Dark Mechanicum Macroclade

    Dark Mechanicum Wargear List
    Nomen Ryne
    The Exospectre
    The Furnace Lord

    Magos Vathek
    Ammicus Tole
    Decius Abraxas

    Magos Phayzarus
    Illucis Grizvaldi
    Cyrrik Scayl

    Disciplines of Techno-Heresy

    The Forbidden Arts of Dark Technology
    Heretek Retinue
    Rogue Psykers

    Dark Hypaspists
    Dark Sagitarii
    Dark Tribunes

    Dark Herakli
    Dark Mechanicum Slaves
    Warmonger Battle-automata Maniple

    Stitched Horrors
    Negavolt Cultists
    Bronze Malifects

    Subjugator Battle-automata Maniple
    Cataphract War-droid Cohort

    Death Servitors
    Dark Mechanicum Decimator

    Data Daemons

    Hunter Stratos-automata Maniple
    Marauder Battle-automata Maniple

    Hadesi Crawler-droid Cohort
    Noakis Hellfire Reivers
    Dark Mechanicum Stalk Tank

    Dark Mechanicum Chimera
    Dark Mechanicum Rhino

    Dark Mechanicum Hell Blade
    Dark Mechanicum Triaros Armoured Conveyer

    Dark Praetorians
    Cataclysm Siege-automata Maniple
    Kerar Heavy War-droid Cohort

    Dark Balisteria Battery
    Eviscerator Engines
    Desecrator Engines
    Tormentor Engine

    Dark Mechanicum Hell Talon
    Dark Mechanicum Krios Battle Tanks

    Dark Mechanicum Macrocarid Explorator
    Stitched Behemoth
    Yelav Draykavac
    Inar Satarael

    Anacharis Scoria
    The Homonculex

    Dark Skitarii War Maniple
    Legion Of Steel
    Gholam Horde
    Daemon-wrought Host

    Tide Of Iron
    Negavolt Warband
    Chimeric Greatpack
    Subterranean Ambush Pack

    The Soulless Throng
    Hell Wing
    Dark Mechanicum Armoured Spearhead

    The Fleshtide
    Decimator Warpack
    Daemon Engines Of The Dark Mechanicum

    Army Special Rules

    Marks Of Chaos
    Cybernetica Cortex
    Powers Of Cybertheurgy

    Warlord Traits
    Faction And Allies

    Armoury Of The Hell-Forge Worlds
    Ranged Weapons

    Melee Weapons
    Special Issue Wargear
    Dark Mechanicum Vehicle Equipment
    Dark Tech Artefacts
    Cybertheurgist Dark Tech Artefacts

    Empyric Engineer Dark Tech Artefacts
    Gene-sculptor Dark Tech Artefacts
    Hell-Forge Lord Dark Tech Artefacts
    Psychic Powers
    Discipline of Tzeentch
    Discipline of Nurgle
    Discipline of Slaanesh

    Sinistrum Discipline
    Heretech Discipline

    Ectomancy Discipline
    Geomortis Discipline

    Tactical Objectives
    Emissary Of The Dark Mechanicum

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