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    Special Issue Wargear


    Rules for the following items can be found in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.
    Frag grenades* Melta bombs Scrap code generator**
    *See assault grenades **See haywire grenades
    Considered in part as a symbol of status as well as a functional tool, an abeyant is a name given to a class of hovering conveyances into which the rider's augmetic and life support systems are connected - so that the machine-vehicle becomes an extension of their own body. Often taking the form of a stylised throne or enclosing scarab-like framework, its levitation suspensor field allows its owner to close most war-torn battlefields with ease.

    The model receives +1 Wound and gains the Move Through Cover, Very Bulky, Hardened Armour, and It Will Not Die special rules.

    Hardened Armour: Failed Armour Saves against Template and Blast weapons can be re-rolled by a model with this special rule. In addition, a unit containing at least one model with this special rule must reduce the distance rolled for Charges, Sweeping Advances, and Run moves by 1".
    A form of psycho-surgery conducted by some Hereteks on the Dark Skitarii that serve them, these cybernetic cortical implants are inserted through the skull and into the brain, greatly amplifying a warrior's adrenaline, resulting in greater strength and aggression in battle.

    All models in a unit equipped with aggression amplifiers have the Furious Charge special rule. When determining its charge range, a unit with this upgrade may re-roll the result.
    Certain Battle-automata designs feature particularly powerful atomantic reactor cores designed to energise defensive field generators built into the Battle-automata's exterior armour plating, as well as power its combat systems.

    A model equipped with atomantic shielding has a 5+ invulnerable save against shooting attacks and explosions, and a 6+ invulnerable save against attacks suffered in close combat. In addition, if the Battle-automata suffers a Reactor Blast explosion, add 1" to the radius of the blast caused.
    This scanning device has the effect of alerting the user to the concealed presence or imminent arrival of enemy troops in the vicinity, even if concealed, and can even detect the tell-tale electro-gravitic disruption effect on local space that presages teleport transfers.

    Models cannot be deployed using the Infiltrate special rule within 18" of a model equipped with an augury scanner. Enemy models deployed using Deep Strike within this range can also be attacked by a unit carrying an augury scanner at the end of the enemy Movement phase as if their Rapid Fire and Heavy weapons (if they have any) had the Interceptor special rule.
    Masters of energy conversion, many Hereteks of the Dark Mechanicum wear personally constructed conversion fields. These strange devices enshroud their wearer in a crackling, sparking spherical projection of transformative force that can turn an incoming burst of energy into harmless flashes of light.

    A conversion field confers a 4+ invulnerable save. At the end of a phase in which the bearer passes one or more invulnerable saves granted by the conversion field, all units within D6" of the bearer must test as if they had been hit by a weapon with the Blind special rule. Friendly units can re-roll this test.
    This control and signalling device uses data-djinn to command Battle-automata fitted with cybernetica cortex systems, allowing the wielder to witness the battlefield through the automata's own senses as well as monitor their status and exact precise control over their actions.

    The presence of a cortex controller within 12" of a unit of friendly models with the Programmed Behaviour special rule at the start of any phase means that special rule is negated for that phase and their controlling player is free to use them as any other unit.
    This is a term that encompasses a variety of semi-autonomous devices such as servo-skulls, mek-spiders and other smaller drone units and lesser haemonculites tied into the direct neural control of their operator. These minion-drones are an extension of their master's will and provide them with a host of additional senses and capabilities.

    A model equipped with a cyber-familiar has +1 to their invulnerable save (to a maximum of 3+). If given to a model that does not already have an invulnerable save, it instead confers an invulnerable save of 6+. In addition, a model equipped with a cyber-familiar may re-roll failed characteristic tests (other than Leadership tests) and failed Dangerous Terrain tests.
    A form of task-dedicated servo-automata designed foremost to be an extension of its master's senses on the wider battlefield, the Cyber-occularis is more robustly constructed than a standard cyber-familiar, often resembling an artificial raptor or strange deathly hybrid creature of corpse and machine.

    • Cyber-occularis are listed as individual units on the tabletop (except where listed below) and have their own profile and equipment, but are never scoring or contesting units, can never join or be joined by other models, and do not block line of sight.
    • During deployment, Cyber-occularis must be deployed at the same time as the model who purchased them as part of their wargear, and within 6” of them at the start of the game (or held within the same transport vehicle).
    • Cyber-occularis may be carried inside a transport vehicle with their master, but not otherwise, and do not count as separate units for this purpose.
    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Unit Composition
    Cyber-occularis 2 3 2 3 1 4 1 9 3+ Jet Pack Infantry 1 Cyber-occularis

    • Twin-linked laspistol
    • Fearless
    • Stealth

    Auger-sweep: Enemy units within 12” reduce their cover saves by -1 when fired at by units from the same Detachment as the Cyber-occularis.

    Warning Relay: A Cyber-occularis confers the Interceptor special rule to all friendly models from the same Detachment within 3”.
    Stabbing light and sudden agony are the enemy's only warning as these miniature weapons trigger. Fitted into gauntlets, rings and the like, digital weapons are extremely short-ranged lasers that give their wielder a lethal edge in close combat.

    A model armed with digital weapons can re-roll a single failed roll To Wound in each Assault phase.
    An Arch-Heretek operating as a battlefield commander is not simply a general whose orders are carried out, but the governing will of his forces; a spider at the centre of a web of data-djinn and stolen perceptions from across the battlefield who enables them to make tactical predictions based on inhumanly swift calculation and accuracy.

    The djinn-skein provides the following abilities:

    • At the beginning of their Shooting phase, a model equipped with a djinn-skein may nominate a single unit which is a part of their Detachment (including themselves) within 6” of them or any Cyber-occularis purchased as part of their wargear to benefit from +1 BS.
    • Deep Striking units which are a part of their Detachment choosing to arrive within 6” of a model equipped with a djinn-skein do not scatter.
    • Barrage weapons in the same detachment may use the model equipped with a djinn-skein or any Cyber-occularis purchased as part of their wargear to draw a line of sight from for their attacks. Note that the direction of fire, range, etc, is still drawn from the firing weapon.

    Note that, in order to use the abilities of the djinn-skein, the model equipped with it must be present on the table and not currently taking part in an assault.
    Empathic-resonance coils are cursed machines, infected with shards of a malicious Data Daemon. The Data Daemon compels the machine to infest the Negavolt Cultist's body, and once irrevocably merged, physically and psychologically tortures them to gorge on the cultist's suffering, charging the empathic-resonance coils with their own pain and hatred.

    At the start of each game turn, look up the game turn number on the Empathic-resonance table. All models with Empathic-resonance coils gain the special rules listed on the table, in addition to any other special rules they have.

    Special Rules
    Furious Charge.
    Furious Charge, Unhallowed Vigour.
    Furious Charge, Unhallowed Vigour, Fearless.
    Furious Charge, Unhallowed Vigour, Fearless, Blind.
    Unhallowed Vigour: All Voltagheist fields in the unit confer a 4+ invulnerable save instead of a 5+ invulnerable save.
    When triggered, empyrean brain mines latch onto the victim and send a pulse of energy directly into his brain, momentarily stilling his motor functions and leaving him unable to act. The effect is only temporary, as the brain mines are prone to burning out after a few seconds, but leave an enemy vulnerable in the interim

    Empyrean brain mines are used at the start of the Fight sub-phase. Nominate one enemy model in base contact with the bearer. That model must pass an Initiative test to avoid the brain mine. If the test is passed, the effects of the brain mine have been resisted. If the test is failed, the victim has been rendered momentarily catatonic and cannot strike any blows during this sub-phase.
    Some Hadesi Crawler-droids are equipped with much more advanced mechadendrite combat arrays than their machine-siblings. A Hadesi Crawler-droid so equipped is a frightening blur of mechadendrites and servo-arms in close combat, their enhanced array only compounding their lethality.

    A model equipped with an enhanced array has +1 Attack.
    Certain Battle-automata are fitted with additional slaved cogitators and sub-incunabula machine-spirits devoted to relentlessly tracking and targetting any and all potential threats in range.

    A model equipped with an enhanced targeting array has +1 Ballistic Skill. In addition, a unit targeted by a model with an enhanced targeting array has its cover save reduced by 1 against Wounds, glancing hits or penetrating hits caused by that model.
    Some Dark Mechanicum Hereteks increase the firepower of the las-locks and mitralocks they arm their slaves with by using bulky induction charger batteries for extended rapid firing. The long-term toxic contamination from such devices is judged as a more than acceptable side effect for this augmented firepower.

    Any model equipped with induction chargers firing a las-lock or mitralock always fires one more shot than is normal for the weapon.
    The term infernal autosimulacra refers to an extensive set of automatic repairs systems used by the vehicles and automata of the Dark Mechanicum. These self-repair systems can range from self-healing alloys, to an onboard servitor-simulacrum used to shore up breaches and re-route severed fuel and circuit lines.

    At the end of each of your turns, roll a D6 for each of your models equipped with infernal autosimulacra that has less than its starting number of Wounds or Hull Points, but has not been removed as a casualty or destroyed. On a roll of 6, that model regains a Wound, or Hull Point, lost earlier in the game.
    This simple visor allows its user to access a wide range of spectra, and when equipped, they can see better in low-light conditions than a normal human could in optimal daylight. However, it is not without drawbacks, for any sufficiently burst of light can overwhelm the visor, temporarily blinding its wearer.

    A model equipped with an infravisor has the Night Vision special rule. However, a unit that contains one or more models with an infravisor counts as Initiative 1 when taking Blind tests.
    Unlike the bulky, inelegant jump packs used by other fractions, the jet packs utilised by the Hereteks of the Dark Mechanicum are designed to provide stable firing platforms, rather than as a means of getting into close combat.

    Models equipped with jet packs gain the Jet Pack unit type as described in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.
    This term covers a variety of energy field and defensive shield projectors devised by the Dark Mechanicum's Hereteks to protect themselves both on the battlefield and from assassination by their rivals.

    A machina protectiva confers a 4+ invulnerable save.
    A complex and intricate system of manipulators, augmetic body replacements, inbuilt tools, sensors and energy arc-projectors utilised by the ablest Hereteks of the Dark Mechanicum.

    A machinator array gives the bearer +1 Toughness (if the machinator array is part of the model’s standard wargear, this bonus is already included on its profile), the Night Vision special rule, a flamer and an inferno pistol. In the shooting phase, the bearer can fire both array-mounted weapons, or one array-mounted weapon and another weapon. In addition, a model with the Hellsmith special rule may add +1 to their Repair roll result if they are equipped with a machinator array.

    Furthermore, a model equipped with a machinator array may make two additional attacks per turn in close combat as well as any they would normally be eligible to make. These attacks are made with the profile shown below:
    Range S AP Type
    - +1 2 Melee, Armourbane, Shred, Unwieldy
    The metal cables and spidery armatures that augment the Hereteks of the Dark Mechanicum can fulfil a hundred different tasks, from stealing the secrets of the most sacred of cogitators to punching into the eye sockets of nearby assailants. Most commonly, they allow their wearers to wield a profusion of advanced weaponry.

    A model with a mechadendrite harness can fire all of its ranged weapons in the Shooting phase. In addition, a model with a mechadendrite harness is also equipped with a dataspike (see Melee Weapons).
    A murder-cogitator is an abomination abhorred like few other forms of technology by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Such a device is built for the single purpose of slaying other cogitators' machine spirits and extracting the secrets from the steaming ruins of their digital mindscape.

    If a model equipped with a murder-cogitator attacks a vehicle or building in the Assault phase, roll a D6 after all of their Attacks have been resolved to determine the effects:

    No effect.
    The target suffers a glancing hit.
    The target suffers a penetrating hit.
    A form of archaeotech, these brutal neural-aguments are hard-wired into the subject's amygdala. Unlike other, more extreme measures, this process does not completely destroy the recipient's emotional response, instead only dulling it, allowing them to fight on long after unaugmented warriors would have broken in retreat.

    All models in a unit equipped with neural fortifiers have +1 Leadership.

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