The Infravisor allows its user to access a wide range of spectra. When equipped, they can see better in low-light conditions than a normal human could in optimal daylight.

A model equipped with an infravisor has the Night Vision special rule. However, a unit that contains one or more models with an infravisor counts as Initiative 1 when taking Blind tests.
Jet packs are designed to provide stable firing platforms rather than a means of getting into close combat.

Models equipped with jet packs gain the Jet Pack unit type as described in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.
The kinetic displacement field is another of the Dark Mechanicum's blasphemous innovations, miniaturising and optimizing the electromagnetic flux field generators that power the Dark Age of Technology's flare shield. Though lacking anything near the defensive power of other shield emitters, the kinetic displacement field is capable of deflecting and dispersing impacts and shrapnel and can diffuse the power of more focused strikes with great reliability.

A kinetic displacement field operates against shooting attacks that target the bearer or the unit they are with. It reduces the strength of attacks from a Blast (any size) or Template weapon by -2, and other shooting attacks' Strength by -1. A kinetic displacement field has no effect on close combat attacks or attacks inflicted at Strength D.
The machinator array is a complex and intricate system of manipulators, augmetic body replacements, inbuilt tools, sensors and energy arc-projectors utilised by the most formidable Hereteks of the Dark Mechanicum.

• A machinator array adds +1 to its user's Toughness characteristic (this bonus is already included in the profiles of models that have a machinator array as part of their standard wargear) and provides the Night Vision special rule. It also incorporates a flamer and an inferno pistol, and the user can either opt to fire both of these weapons in the Shooting phase, or one of them and another ranged weapon the model is carrying.

• A model with the Battlesmith special rule may add +2 to the Repair roll result if they are also equipped with a machinator array.

• A model equipped with a machinator array may make two additional attacks per turn in close combat as well as any they would normally be eligible to make. This is done using the profile shown below:
Range S AP Type
- +1 2 Melee, Armourbane, Shred, Unwieldy
Heretek Malygrisian tech-priests - later purged from the foundry wards of Port Wrath - practised a form of mutational bioforging upon their workers to both improve their quotas and control them, body and soul. As the bioforging took hold, unnatural biomotes grew within their bodies and began their dreadful work of twisting the sacred human form. An irregular, lumpy rind of organic plasteen developed beneath the skin, and their flesh became laced with filaments of that tough material. Eyes and mucus membranes also became plasteen-saturated. Within a few weeks, menials could enter the void unclothed, shrug off heavy blows, and survive terrible injuries.

Models with malygrisian bioforging have +1 Toughness and the Hardened Armour special rule.
The metal cables and spidery armatures that augment the Heretek's of the Dark Mechanicum can fulfil a hundred different tasks, from stealing the secrets of unhallowed cogitators to punching into the eye sockets of nearby assailants. Most commonly, they allow their wearers to wield a profusion of advanced weaponry.

A model with a mechadendrite harness can fire all of its ranged weapons in the Shooting phase. In addition, a model with a mechadendrite harness is also equipped with a dataspike (see Melee Weapons).
Hissing and slithering like a nest of mechanical snakes, the mechadendrite hive engulfs the foe in dozens of steel tendrils. Lashing, stabbing and throttling, the mass of mechadendrites disassembles its victims with horrific speed.

When a model equipped with a mechadendrite hive makes Melee attacks, it makes an additional 2D6 attacks with its mechadendrites, and a single attack with its dataspike, all at the Initiative 10 step. These attacks do not grant the model an additional Pile In move.
Range S AP Type
Mechadendrites - 4 - Melee
Dataspike - User - Melee, Haywire
This term covers a variety of energy field and defensive shield projectors devised by Dark Mechanicum Heretek's to protect themselves both on the battlefield and from assassination by their rivals.

A mechanicum protectiva confers a 4+ invulnerable save.
Reminiscent of the servo-harnesses worn by the Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus, these writhing tentacles are worn by - or even implanted into - Dark Mechanicum Warpsmiths.

Mechatendrils give the wearer +2 Attacks (this bonus is already included in the profiles of models that have mechatendrils as part of their standard wargear). Mechatendrils also include a meltagun and a flamer. In the Shooting phase, the wearer can either fire both mechatendril weapons or one mechatendril weapon and one other weapon.
A multi-targeter assists the Dark Mechanicum's War-droids in engaging enemy threats using multiple armaments at once, making them formidable opponents in a wide variety of battle conditions.

A model with a multi-targeter can fire an additional weapon in each Shooting phase.
Tech-devices capable of despoiling data-vaults have spread across the Calixis Sector through the black paths of smugglers, alongside vox-heresy, unsanctioned psykers, and a thousand prohibited substances. Crime barons of the Golgenna hives call these devices 'murder-cogitators.' They allow the uninitiated to pillage a cogitation array of encrypted secrets, slay the machine spirit within, and leave a steaming ruin behind.

If a model equipped with a murder-cogitator attacks a vehicle or building is the Assault phase, roll a D6 after all of its Attacks have been resolved to determine the effects:

No effect.
The target suffers a glancing hit.
The target suffers a penetrating hit.
Should the target lose a Hull Point due to this, you immediately score 1 extra Victory Point.
These implant which have been surgically implanted in replacement for parts of their cerebellum allow those Dark Mechanicum warriors augmented with them to block out and suppress their pain and anguish, allowing them to continue to fight and push forward even after sustaining horrific injuries that would cripple even the toughest members of the Adeptus Astartes.

All models in a unit equipped with neural blockers have the Feel No Pain special rule.
These cortical implants induce the release of chemicals into the augmented warrior's brain that smothers their fear and self-presivation autonomic responses, numbing them to the true horrors of war in the 41st millennium.

All models in a unit equipped with neural fortifiers have +1 Leadership.
These devices are the product of a human civilisation far removed from that which survived on Old Earth, now long forgotten. In form, they are thick collars of black silicate material, dense and seemingly without obvious components. When fitted to a living being, they project an aura that pacifies the churning of the Aether in the vicinity of the device, though at the cost to the focus and mental acuity of the bearer.

A model equipped with a null-amp Collar may attempt to Deny the Witch whenever either the unit it is part of, or any other friendly or enemy unit within 12" is the target of a Psychic Power of any type (including a Blessing). If the Deny the Witch attempt is failed, the power is resolved as normal but affects only the initial target, not the bearer of the null-amp collar. A model equipped with a null-amp Collar that is embarked within a Transport or Fortification can only use the null-amp Collar to nullify powers targeting the vehicle or building they are embarked within. Any model equipped with a null-amp Collar has its Initiative characteristic reduced by -1.
These highly-advanced bionic augments increased the subject's visual spectrum, gifting them the ability to see heat, ultraviolet light, and other forms of energy. This, in combination with the bionic's incorporated weapons targeters, allows the augmented warrior to hone in on a target's weak points with horrifying efficiency.

All models in a unit equipped with occular augmetics can re-roll any To Wound rolls and armour penetration rolls of a 1 in the Shooting phase at a range of 12" or less.
Phosphex bombs contain a rare corrosive, toxic and incendiary compound. It expands in contact with air into a seething liquid mist which burns with an eerie white-green flame which is attracted to movement. This gelid flame ignites metal and eats relentlessly into living tissue, and cannot be extinguished shot of exposure to vacuum. As effective as this horrifying weapon is, its use is not widespread as it has a tainting effect beyond even rad weapons on the areas in which it is employed.

Range S AP Type
6" 5 2 Assault 1, One Use Only, Blast, Poisoned (3+), Crawling Fire, Lingering Death
Crawling Fire: After a Blast marker for a weapon with this rule is placed, the firer may move the marker up to 2" in any direction, so long as this would cover more models than previously.

Lingering Death: When a Blast weapon with this rule is used, after the attack is resolved, leave the Blast marker in play for the rest of the game and mark it with a counter of some kind. This area is now treated as dangerous terrain for all models with a Toughness value and open-topped vehicles. Note: It is advisable to have multiple spare blast markers when using this rule!
These two pieces of rare defensive shield projection operate in tandem to protect the Dark Mechanicum's War-droids, warding them against withering amounts of enemy firepower, allowing them to emerge unscathed their weapons blazing and shields thrumming powerfully.

A Power field and field synchroniser confers a 6+ invulnerable save. In addition, any model in a unit that is equipped with a power field and field synchroniser and is in base contact with at least two other models from the same unit has +1 to their invulnerable save. This is cumulative with any other modifiers to their invulnerable save, but cannot improve their invulnerable save beyond 4+.
Amongst the many tech-perversions bestowed upon the Calixian Sector by the arch-heretek and former Logician Ammicus Tole is the foretelling device known as a prognosticaon. It is an inverted iron pendulum suspended within an enclosure of circular hoops and surrounded by a hedge of seemingly meaningless mechanisms. The construct is usually small enough to carry in one hand and may be etched with profane symbols or heretek texts. The pendulum bobs and oscillates in response to changes in its surroundings - it is very sensitive, particularly to tides in the near Empyrean.

A model with a prognosticaon can re-roll a single To Hit, To Wound or saving throw each phase.
Of those Gene-sculptors who dabble in intangible rituals, practices and powers as found in ancient manuscripts which are not easily understood, many have researched and created alchemical creations designed solely to combat those empowered by the Warp.

Each time a weapon equipped with psi-reactive toxin is used in the Fight sub-phase, the controlling player can choose whether to use the psi-reactive toxin or the ordinary profile for that weapon.
Range S AP Type
- User - Melee, Poisoned (3+), Tainted
Tainted: Any successful wound dealt by a weapon with this special rule removes the effects of any psychic blessing which is active on the target unit. In addition, any To Wound roll of a 6 with this weapon is resolved at AP 2.
Psychotroke grenades explode in a cloud of sweet-smelling nerve gas that induces violent, and often debilitating, visions in the enemy. It is incredibly psycho-reactive and mere proximity is enough to trigger its effects, rendering even sealed armour useless.

When a unit equipped with psychotroke grenades launches an assault, or is assaulted, roll a D6 for each enemy unit being assaulted or assaulting to see what the effect is. The effects of psychotroke gas only ever last for the duration of a single Assault phase.

What’s this? Smells a bit odd: The unit has resisted the psychotroke gas – there is no effect.
Suddenly, it’s all so clear. The fighting, your allies, that mortal wound – everything’s just a huge cosmic joke! Best to sit down and have a good laugh about it: The enemy unit is hit automatically in this Assault phase. They can still fight, but with a maximum of 1 Attack per model (to represent their maddened flailing).
Hah! Those enemies aren’t real, they’re just an illusion – you’re not falling for that: You re-roll failed To Hit rolls against the enemy unit during this Assault phase.
They’re horrible! Your darkest fears have been given form and are coming to kill you: The enemy unit is reduced to Leadership 2 for the remainder of the Assault phase.
The world is spinning – everything is all jumbled up. It’s all you can do to keep your feet: The enemy unit is reduced to Initiative 1 for the remainder of the Assault phase.
They say they’re your friends, but they’re not – they’re out to get you. Best get them first: Every model in the enemy unit must immediately take an Initiative test. Any models that fail must strike blows against their own unit during this Assault phase, rather than against the enemy, exactly as if they were on your side. Wounds inflicted must be allocated amongst the entire unit, not just amongst unaffected models. Unsaved wounds caused by affected models count towards your close combat total. Units composed of single models re-roll this result.
A psyocculum’s visor contains an arcane assembly of mystically-treated lenses, image enhancement circuitry and low-light amplifiers. It allows the bearer to track psykers by their psychic emanations, rather than by vision alone. With proper modification, its datastream can be linked into more common targeting devices, allowing for uncannily accurate firepower against psykers and those enemies foolish enough to shield them.

The bearer of a psyocculum (and his unit) count as being Ballistic Skill 10 if shooting at a unit containing one or more models with the Psyker, Psychic Pilot or Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers special rules.
Some Dark Mechanicum Heretek's power their weapons and armour using powerful electrothermic reactors. These reactor cores are otherwise known as rad furnaces, this is due to the large quantities of harmful radiation they generate, which the Heretek can vent at will from his armour.

All enemy models locked in combat with one or more units with a rad-furnace suffer a -1 penalty to their Toughness for the duration of the combat (this does affect the victims’ Instant Death threshold). Models with rad-furnaces are immune to this effect as well as those of rad grenades. Any weapon with the Poison or Rad-phage special rules only wounds a model equipped with a rad-furnace on a D6 roll of a 6.
Rad grenades detonate in a shower of tiny contaminated fragments. Each particle’s radioactive emissions have a millisecond half-life, ensuring that the thrower can charge in without exposing himself to contamination. Nevertheless, those enemies caught in the initial explosion will feel the rad grenade’s debilitating influence for some time afterwards.

During a turn in which a unit equipped with rad grenades launches an assault, or is assaulted, the enemy unit(s) suffer a -1 penalty to their Toughness until the end of the phase (this does affect the victims’ Instant Death threshold).
Considered essential by many lesser Heretek's, the refractor field distorts the image of the wearer with a shimmering cloak of energy. Incoming attacks that strike the field will be refracted into multispectral bursts that dissipate into harmlessness.

A refractor field confers a 5+ invulnerable save.