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    Special Issue Wargear


    Rules for the following items can be found in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.
    Arc grenades* Frag grenades** Melta bombs Searchlight
    *See haywire grenades **See assault grenades
    Considered in part as a symbol of status as well as a functional tool by many Arch-Hereteks of the Dark Mechanicum, an Abeyant is a name given to a general class of hovering coveyances into which the rider's augmetics and life support systems are directly connected through bionic linkage, so that the machine-vehicle becomes an extension of their own body.

    A model mounted on an abeyant gains +1 Wound, and the Move Through Cover, Very Bulky, Hardened Armour and It Will Not Die special rules.
    Many Gene-sculptors surgically enhance or otherwise mutate their mortal bodies, cutting them apart and reshaping them into instruments of their own dark research; to the point where even their blood can be so corrosive that it will eat through ceramite armour and dissolve flesh in mere moments.

    For each unsaved Wound a model with acid blood suffers in close combat, the enemy unit that inflicted the Wound must take an Initiative test at the end of the current Initiative step. For each test that is failed, the unit that inflicted the Wound immediately suffers a Strength 5 AP2 hit with the Ignores Cover special rule.
    Some Dark Mechaniucm Skitarii are provided with specialised target acquisition systems that enable them to identify and pick out priority targets in the midst of battle and instantly relay them to their comrades for swift and efficient execution.

    A unit that contains at least one model equipped with an advanced targeting-augur has the Precision Shots special rule.
    These Immaterially charged weapons allow a telekine to project their psychic might in the form of focussed bolts of aetheric force. Such potent devices are re-engineered from ancient artefacts recovered early in the Great Crusade. They were discovered to be held by only by a single feudal community living within the ruins of the once-grand buildings of Chasqur IV, a world left largely barren and blackened, having never recovered from the brutal civil war between the planet's former psyker overlords and non-psyker peasant class centuries prior.

    An Aetherkine Projector is a witchfire psychic power which is automatically known by the bearer. Instead of attempting to manifest this power normally, simply allocate the appropriate number of dice from the controlling player's Warp Charge pool during the Psychic phase towards this power. An Aetherkine Projector has three firing profiles, based on the number of Warp Charge points allocated. Once the weapon is fired, the Warp Charge is spent.
    Range S AP Type
    (2 Warp Charges) 12" 3 2 Assault 2, Aetherkinetic Feedback
    (3 Warp Charges) 18" 5 2 Assault 3, Aetherkinetic Feedback
    (4 Warp Charges) 24" 7 2 Assault 4, Aetherkinetic Feedback
    Aetherkinetic Feedback: Any To Hit roll of a 1 causes the bearer to suffer Perils of the Warp.
    A vast majority of Dark Mechanicum warriors will be cybernetically enhanced with various forms of cortical implants. Of these, aggression amplifiers are some of the most widespread, the implants driving the enhanced warriors to greater and greater acts of savagery; able to turn even the most docile applicant into a ravaging killer with but a simple burst of code.

    All models in a unit equipped with aggression amplifiers have the Furious Charge special rule. In addition, when determining its charge range, a unit with aggression amplifiers may re-roll the result.
    Certain Battle-automata designs feature particularly powerful atomantic reactor cores designed to energise defensive field generators built into the Battle-automata's exterior armour plating, as well as power its combat systems.

    A model with atomantic shielding has a 5+ invulnerable save against shooting attacks and explosions, and a 6+ invulnerable save against attacks suffered in close combat. In addition, if the model suffers a Reactor Blast explosion, add +1" to the radius of the blast caused.
    This energy scanning device has the effect of alerting the user to the concealed presence or imminent arrival of enemy troops in the vicinity, even if concealed, and can even detect the tell-tale electro-gravitic disruption effect on local space that presages teleport transfers.

    Enemy models cannot be deployed using the Infiltrate special rule within 18" of a model with an augury scanner, regardless of line of sight. Enemy models deployed using Deep Strike within this range can also be attacked by a unit carrying an augury scanner at the end of the enemy's Movement phase as if their Rapid Fire and Heavy weapons (if they have any) had the Interceptor special rule.
    A rather simple and unsophisticated type of neural implant; the auxiliary microprocessor allows a warrior implanted with it to constantly and subconsciously monitor secondary and tertiary threats, alerting them and providing up-to-date targeting data as soon as certain pre-determined threat thresholds are crossed.

    A model with an auxiliary microprocessor can shoot at a different target to the rest of his unit.
    The Brood Horror is an informal name for irregular and specially bred variants of bio-forms created by the Gene-sculptors of the Dark Mechanicum. To engorge a Chimeric to such size and bulk can only be created by a fleshsculptor of extraordinary talents, and the right blend of growth agents and skin grafts. Brood Horrors are abhorrent, bloated Chimerics the size of an adult Grox, only much wider. They are covered with mangy fur overtaken by patches of poxes and dripping lesions.

    Models with a Brood Horror mount change their unit type to Cavalry, as described in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules. In close combat, a model with a Brood Horror mount makes two additional Strength 4 AP- attacks with the Poisoned (4+) special rule. In addition, a model upgraded to have a Brood Horror mount receives +2 Wounds and increases their Strength and Toughness characteristics by 1.
    A combat familiar may take nearly any form, such as that of a diabolical hound, a stunted humanoid minion, a tumbling nest of metal tentacles, a being of living Warpflame or a thousand other strange and unsettling beasts.

    A model with a combat familiar makes two additional Strength 4 AP- Melee Attacks. The combat familiar is always assumed to be on the same base as its master. If you wish to represent it separately you can. However, the model itself plays no part in the game; if the model gets in the way, simply move it to one side.
    Enfolding its wearer in its protective energies, projecting a spherical shield of transformative force that can turn an incoming burst of energy into harmless light. The conversion field strikes a balance between the protection of the Mechanicum protectiva and the ease of production and maintenance of the less powerful refractor field.

    A conversion field confers a 4+ invulnerable save. At the end of a phase in which the bearer passes one or more invulnerable saves granted by the conversion field, all units within D6" of the bearer must test as if they have been hit by a weapon with the Blind special rule. Friendly units can re-roll this test.
    This control and signalling device uses data-djinn to command Battle-automata fitted with Cybernetica cortex systems, allowing the wielder to witness the battlefield through the automata's own senses as well as monitor their status and exact precise control over their actions.

    The presence of a cortex controller within 12” of a part of a unit of friendly models with the Programmed Behaviour special rule at the start of any phase means that special rule is negated for that phase and their controlling player is free to use them as any other unit.
    This is a term that encompasses a variety of semi-autonomous devices such as servo-skulls, mek-spiders and other smaller drone units and lesser haemonculites tied to the direct neural control of their operator. These minion-drones are an extension of their master's will and provide them with a host of additional senses and capabilities.

    Models with a cyber-familiar have +1 to their invulnerable save (to a maximum of 3+). If given to a model that does not already have an invulnerable save, a cyber-familiar confers an invulnerable save of 6+. Additionally, a model with a cyber-familiar can re-roll failed characteristic tests.
    A form of task-dedicated servo-automata designed foremost to be an extension of its master's senses on the wider battlefield, the Cyber-occularis is more robustly constructed than a standard cyber-familiar, often resembling an artificial raptor or strange deathly hybrid creature of corpse and machine.

    • Cyber-occularis are listed as individual units on the tabletop (except where listed below) and have their own profile and equipment, but are never scoring or contesting units, can never join or be joined by other models, and do not block line of sight.

    • During deployment, Cyber-occularis must be deployed at the same time as the model who purchased them as part of their wargear, and within 6” of them at the start of the game (or held within the same transport vehicle).

    • Cyber-occularis may be carried inside a transport vehicle with their master, but not otherwise, and do not count as separate units.
    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Unit Composition
    Cyber-occularis 2 3 2 3 1 4 1 9 3+ Jet Pack Infantry 1 Cyber-occularis

    • Twin-linked autopistol
    • Fearless
    • Stealth

    Auger-sweep: Enemy units within 12” reduce their cover saves by -1 when fired at by units from the same Detachment as the Cyber-occularis.

    Warning Relay: A Cyber-occularis confers the Interceptor special rule to all friendly models from the same Detachment within 3”.
    Stabbing light and sudden agony are the enemy's only warning as these miniature weapons trigger. Fitted into gauntlets, rings and the like, digital weapons are extremely short-ranged lasers that give their wielder a lethal edge in close combat.

    A model armed with digital weapons can re-roll a single failed roll To Wound in each Assault phase.
    An Arch-Heretek operating as a battlefield commander is not simply a general whose orders are carried out, but the governing will of his battle cohort; a spider at the centre of a web of data-djinn and stolen perceptions from across the battlefield who enables them to make tactical predictions based on inhumanly swift calculation and accuracy.

    The djinn-skein provides the following abilities:

    • At the beginning of their Shooting phase, a model equipped with a djinn-skein may nominate a single unit which is a part of their primary detachment (including themselves) within 6” of them or any Cyber-occularis purchased as part of their wargear to benefit from +1 BS.

    • Deep Striking units which are a part of their primary detachment choosing to arrive within 6” of a model equipped with a djinn-skein do not scatter.

    • Barrage weapons in the same detachment may use the model equipped with a djinn-skein or any Cyber-occularis purchased as part of their wargear to draw a line of sight from for their attacks. Note that the direction of fire, range, etc, is still drawn from the firing weapon.

    Note that, in order to use the abilities of the djinn-skein, the model equipped with it must be present on the table and not currently taking part in an assault.
    Empathic-resonance coils are cursed machines, infected with shards of a malicious Data Daemon. The Data Daemon compels the machine to infest the Negavolt Cultist's body, and once irrevocably merged, physically and psychologically tortures them to gorge on the cultist's suffering, charging the empathic-resonance coils with their own pain and hatred. At full capacity, these spinally fused cells fire arcs of warp-infused energy at their enemies.

    At the start of each game turn, look up the game turn number on the Empathic-resonance table. All models with Empathic-resonance coils gain the special rules listed on the table, in addition to any other special rules they have.

    Special Rules
    Furious Charge.
    Furious Charge, Unhallowed Vigour.
    Furious Charge, Unhallowed Vigour, Blind.
    Furious Charge, Unhallowed Vigour, Blind, Fearless.
    Unhallowed Vigour: All Voltagheist fields in the unit confer a 4+ invulnerable save instead of a 5+ invulnerable save.
    Empyrean brain mines are based on captured ghost world technology. When triggered, they latch onto the victim and send a pulse of energy directly into his brain, momentarily stilling his motor functions and leaving him unable to act. The effect is only temporary, as the brain mines are prone to burning out after a few seconds’ use, but leave an enemy incredibly vulnerable in the interim.

    Empyrean brain mines are used at the start of the Fight sub-phase. Nominate one enemy model in base contact with the bearer. That model must pass an Initiative test to avoid the brain mine. If the test is passed, the effects of the brain mine have been resisted. If the test is failed, the victim has been rendered momentarily catatonic and cannot strike any blows during this sub-phase.
    Certain Battle-automata are fitted with additional slaved cogitators and sub-incunabula machine-spirits devoted to relentlessly tracking and targeting any and all potential threats in range.

    A model with this upgrade has its Ballistic Skill increased by +1 and the cover saves of enemy targets are reduced by -1.
    Of those Gene-sculptors inducted in the arts of poison and alchemy there are those who have managed to distill toxins so potent that even the lightest scratch can induce intense and sometimes irrational fear, which caused the victim to go insane or even die in larger doses.

    Each time a weapon equipped with fear toxin is used in the Fight sub-phase, the controlling player can choose whether to use the fear toxin or the ordinary profile for that weapon.
    Range S AP Type
    - User - Melee, Lethal Dose, Poisoned (4+), Terrify
    Lethal Dose: Any To Wound roll of a 6 inflicted by this weapon has the Instant Death special rule.

    Terrify: If a model inflicts one or more unsaved Wounds in close combat with this special rule, during all subsequent rounds of that close combat, the bearer has the Fear special rule and all enemy models in that close combat suffer a -1 Leadership penalty.
    A strange archaeotech device found in the plundered inventories of certain ancient pre-Imperial void craft, these small portable gravitational wave generators send out pulses of force from a field that coheres several metres away from the bearer. This has an effect akin to any moving object striking the field as if hitting an invisible sandbag wall. The field collapses temporarily when struck by any object with sizable mass, but by then it has usually served its defensive purpose.

    Any unit charging the bearer of the grav-wave generator or the unit they are with suffers a penalty of D3" to their Charge rolls (note this is cumulative with any other modifiers) and cannot make Hammer of Wrath attacks this turn.
    An immateria ward is a form of null-field projector and machine spirit cogitation core intended for armour, portable shield-walls, and similar devices. Placed upon armour (to the accompaniment of long ritual and forging of the machine spirit) an immaterial ward appears as a sigil within a circle, both shapes outlined by thin silver cables set into shallow channels. The potent machine spirit within slumbers until it senses the presence of the warp; when it wakes to action, the silver cables smoke and glow with a purple mist of dissipated Empyric energies

    Failed invulnerable saves made by a model with an immateria ward against Wounds inflicted by enemy models with the Daemon, Psyker, Brotherhood of Psyker/Sorcerers or Psychic Pilot special rules can be re-rolled. Furthermore, the bearer (and his unit) cannot be targeted by psychic powers (friendly or enemy).
    Some Heretek's increase the firepower of the las-locks and mitralocks they are their slaves with by using bulky induction charger batteries for extended rapid firing. The long-term toxic contamination from such a device is judged an acceptable side effect for the augmented firepower.

    Las-locks and Mitralocks upgraded with induction chargers are Assault 2 weapons.
    The gilded skulls of particularly devoted archivists are often posthumously repurposed as infoslave skulls, servo-skulls that record everything their highly advanced autosenses perceive on their master’s behalf.

    A model equipped with an infoslave skull adds +1 to its Leadership characteristic and gains the Acute Senses special rule.
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