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    Armoury Of The Hell Forges/Ranged Weapons


    This section of Codex: Dark Mechanicum lists the weapons and equipment used by the Dark Mechanicum, along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000. Equipment that is carried by named characters is detailed in the appropriate entry in the datasheets, while equipment used by all other types of units are detailed here.


    Profiles for the following Ranged weapons are listed in the profiles section. Their full rules can be found in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.

    Autocannon Autopistol Bolt pistol Flamer Heavy flamer Inferno pistol Melta cannon Missile launcher Multi-melta
    Autogun Battlecannon Combi-weapons Heavy bolter Heavy stubber Lascannon Meltagun Multi-laser

    Some bio-monstrosities of the Dark Mechanicum can spray gobbets of caustic digestive juices over their victims.
    Range S AP Type
    Template 2 * Heavy 1, Poisoned (2+), Torrent
    *Roll for this weapon's AP value each time it is fired, after the target has been chosen.
    A modified plasma cannon utilising both occult lore and the unique techno-arcana originally development by the Forge World of Zhao-Arkhad. In the aftermath of the Burning of Prospero, many fleeing Magi brought the plans and schematics for these weapons into the Dark Mechanicum's embrace.
    Range S AP Type
    36" 7 2 Heavy 1, Blast, Soul Blaze, Gets Hot
    Many a Dark Mechanicum Heretek still wields the weapons bestowed upon them during their time as part of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Of these, the Arc pistol; powered by bulky perma-capacitors shipped from Mars' great repositorum; some of these zinc-plated blocks store energy from days when the Imperium was young, discharge directed energy blasts with a loud crack, firing blots of blue-white electricity that can fry a man's brain or overload a war machine's data-cortex in a solar second.
    Range S AP Type
    12" 6 5 Pistol, Haywire
    Despite the renaissance of human power in the galaxy that the Great Crusade created, the remains much of Mankind's ancient might and arts that are lost to myth and legend, save for the few relics that have survived the stifling darkness of the Old Night. One of the more common types of these relics found are sidearms of surpassing firepower and elegance. Be they bespoke slug throwers utilising micro-atomic munitions or searing kill-rays that draw power from a planet's ambient magnetopshere, such priceless artefacts of war find their way into the hands of the Arch-Hereteks of the Dark Mechanicum.
    Range S AP Type
    12" 6 3 Pistol, Master-crafted
    The atomic disassembler is a barely understood piece of Archaeotech, presumed to either be some sort of anti-matter weapon or esoteric radium weapon by those who survive encountering a Dark Mechanicum Heretek wielding one.
    Range S AP Type
    18" 8 2 Pistol, Ignores Cover
    The butcher cannon is a heavy calibre, rapid-firing rotary gun commonly found on Dark Mechanicum combat walkers such as the Decimator Daemon Engine. The shells fired by the Butcher Cannon are bound with sorcerous Chaos runes of anathema and bloodletting.
    Range S AP Type
    36" 8 4 Heavy 4
    A psy-engine is a dread weapon: barely controlled, living psyker brains set within a weapon-housing and goaded by neuro-implants to blast foes with the power of the warp. The Callophean pattern consists of a lozenge-shaped central body and metre-long insulated director wand connected by flexible cabling. The psy-engine’s centre is a transparent housing just large enough to hold four psyker brains suspended in pinktinged gel, pierced by mechanisms and linked by fluid-tubes. The narrow edges of the psy engine consist of clustered psyamplifiers, null-wards, and fluid support devices joined to the tormented brains within.
    Range S AP Type
    36" 1 2 Heavy 1, Blast, Neural Shock, Psi-shock
    Neural Shock: Hits caused by this weapon always wound on a 4+. This special rule has no effect on vehicles or buildings.

    Psi-shock: If a unit containing at least one model with the Psyker, Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers or Psychic Pilot special rules is hit by a weapon with the Psi-shock special rule, one randomly determined Psyker model in that unit suffers Perils of the Warp in addition to any other damage.
    No one, not even the oldest members of the Dark Mechanicum, can truly claim to know the origin of the cataclysm laser lance. What is known, however, is that these weapons operate on an order of magnitude greater in destructive power than the las weaponry commonly employed throughout the galaxy and can inflict devastating amounts of damage with each hit.
    Range S AP Type
    Sustained fire 60" 10 2 Heavy 1, Exoshock
    Maximal fire 60" 10 2 Heavy 2, Exoshock, Gets Hot
    Exoshock: If this weapon successfully scores a penetrating hit on a target roll a D6. On the roll of a 4+, a second, automatic penetrating hit is inflicted on the same target against which cover saves cannot be taken.
    The colossus bombard is the largest and most powerful mortar used by the Dark Mechanicum, firing special high concussion shells, which upon impact create explosive shock-waves that are capable of crushing bones, cracking rocks, and pulping flesh. The weapon is mostly used to destroy enemy infantry in cover since the shock-waves produced by the colossus bombard's shells are able to kill their soft targets without first destroying their hard cover, but the colossus bombard is also capable of destroying even fortified targets, crushing the defenders beneath tons of rubble and debris.
    Range S AP Type
    12"-72" 7 3 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Massive Blast, Concussive, Pinning
    Essentially a twin-linked boltgun, the combi-bolter emerged from the Horus Heresy as the most tactically flexible weapon available to the traitor forces. While the forces loyal to the Emperor developed the weapon into the storm bolter, the older combi-bolter is are still abundant in both the armies of the Traitor Legions and the Dark Mechanicum.
    Range S AP Type
    24" 4 5 Rapid Fire, Twin-linked
    The combi-ectoplasma is a highly heretical combi-weapon used almost exclusively by the Heretek's of the Dark Mechanicum. Combining a boltgun with a single-use ectoplasma gun, these weapons fire searing, cometary blasts of raw daemonic energy that make a noise like the howls of the damned.

    A combi-ectoplasma follows all the rules for a combi-weapon. The primary weapon is a boltgun. The secondary weapon an ectoplasma gun.
    Conversion beamers are incredibly rare pre-Heresy weapons that are able to induce a controlled subatomic reaction in their target. The greater the distance between the firer and his victim, the more deadly the blast, as the beam has time to grow in power.

    A shot from a conversion beamer has a different profile depending on how far the target is from the firer. When firing the conversion beamer, place the blast marker over a target within 72" and then roll for scatter. Once the final location of the blast marker has been determined, measure the distance from the firer to the centre of the blast marker and consult the chart below to determine the effect. If this distance is greater than 72", the shot misses. If it is not clear which of the profiles to use, the controlling player can choose.
    Range S AP Type
    up to 18" 6 - Heavy 1, Blast
    18"-42" 8 4 Heavy 1, Blast
    42"-72" 10 1 Heavy 1, Blast
    The weapons borne into battle by the Heretek Hypaspists of the Dark Mechanicum do not owe a single point of origin nor design. Instead each Heretek or Arch-Heretek arms and equips their forces with a variety of ancient or obscure weapons. Be they bespoke slug thowers or esoteric las weapons, each is as capable as the next at laying down a withering volley of fire potent enough to even reduce the advanced combat armour of the Adeptus Astartes into smouldering, holed ruin.

    Dark Mechanicum carbines have two different profiles. All Dark Mechanicum carbines in the unit must use the same profile each time the unit fires.
    Range S AP Type
    Standard 18" 4 4 Assault 3
    Supercharged 18" 4 3 Assault 3, Gets Hot
    Like the carbines and rifles of the Dark Mechanicum's infantry, the pistols carried by their Alphas have not set design or origin. Each an expression of their individual Heretek or Arch-Heretek's submersal into the dark and forbidden technologies that turned them from the teachings and strictures of the Cult Mechanicus.
    Range S AP Type
    Standard 12" 4 4 Pistol
    Supercharged 12" 4 3 Pistol, Gets Hot
    Used exclusively by the Dark Mechanicum's Heretek Tribunes, this menagerie of eclectic weapons all boast a superior effective engagement distance over their carbine siblings, allowing their wielders to shatter offenses from heavily armoured troops before their enemies can even retaliate.

    Dark Mechanicum rifles have two different profiles. All Dark Mechanicum rifles in the unit must use the same profile each time the unit fires.
    Range S AP Type
    Standard 30" 4 4 Rapid Fire
    Supercharged 30" 4 3 Rapid Fire, Gets Hot
    Believed to be of alien origin, though this remains unproven, the darkfire cannon is a long, lance-like photon thruster weapon that fires needle-thin beams of dark energy that can pierce even the thickest armour with ease.

    Unleashing howling beams of pure darkness, armour, flesh and stone boil away with their touch, and even the most heavily armoured vehicles can be torn apart by their hellish un-light.

    Range S AP Type
    60" 7 2 Heavy 2, Lance, Blind, Gets Hot
    The demolished cannon is the weapon of choice when faced with dug-in enemy infantry in a dense environment such as a siege. The terrific blast unleashed by the detonation of the huge demolished shells is often sufficient to bring down buildings in which the enemy take cover, crushing them beneath tons of fallen masonry.
    Range S AP Type
    24" 10 2 Ordnance 1, Large Blast
    The distinctive, looming barrel of the earthshaker cannon is a sight capable of striking fear into many a foe of the Dark Mechanicum. These long-necked artillery guns have an impressive range and can maintain a fearsome rate of fire, lobbing shell after shell into the enemy's positions and reducing them to blasted ruin.
    Range S AP Type
    36"-240" 9 3 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast
    Ectoplasma cannons channel the raw daemonic energy of the Warp into searing, cometary blasts that make a noise like the howls of the damned. Harnessing such energies can sometimes prove as dangerous to the wielder as to the target. Anything hit by an ectoplasma cannon is enveloped by screaming, tortured souls that dance in the flames.
    Range S AP Type
    24" 8 2 Heavy 1, Blast, Gets Hot
    A rifle-sized ectoplasma weapon common to many of the armed forces of the Dark Mechanicum. Classified by Imperial scholars as a special weapon it is carried by a variety of Dark Mechanicum infantry, including Heretek Hypaspists, Heretek Tribunes and Praetorian Eradicators. Like other infantry-carried ectoplasma weapons, Dark Mechanicum ectoplasma guns are more powerful than plasma weapons used by the Imperium or xenos races, albeit at a much-reduced range.
    Range S AP Type
    16" 8 2 Rapid Fire, Gets Hot
    Shunning the crude shells favoured by most siege guns, the ectoplasma mortar fires searing, cometary blasts of raw daemonic energy in programmed trajectory arcs timed to detonate over their targets. These airbursts create rolling waves of screaming flames which engulf the surrounding area, burning through anything they encounter.

    Ectoplasma mortars have two profiles; one if the Cataclysm Siege-automata has moved during this turn and the other if it has remained stationary. This is regardless of the Relentless special rule or if the carrying model is a vehicle, etc.
    Range S AP Type
    (Stationary) 12"-32" 9 2 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast, Ectoplasma Wave, Gets Hot
    (Fired on the move) 12"-16" 9 2 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast, Ectoplasma Wave, Gets Hot
    Ectoplasma Wave: Successful cover saves made against Wounds inflicted by this weapon must be re-rolled.
    The ectoplasma pistol is the smallest variant in the ectoplasma weapons family. Each shot from a ectoplasma pistol contains all the destructive fury of a larger ectoplasma gun, although with a reduced range and rate of fire. Heretek Hypaspist squads make extensive use of ectoplasma pistols to augment their firepower; the lethal might of the weapon is useful against both heavily armoured infantry and light armoured vehicles.
    Range S AP Type
    8" 8 2 Pistol, Gets Hot
    Based off the phased plasma-fusil, a type of plasma weapon that was once a common sight in the armouries of the Imperium of Man during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras, the ectoplasma-fusil is a more reliable, although still somewhat unstable and hazardous ectoplasma weapon featuring a longer range, albeit at the cost of a slightly reduced overall damage output.
    Range S AP Type
    16" 7 3 Salvo 2/3
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