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    Ranged Weapons (Cont.)

    The lambda Kai displacer is an extremely powerful Warp energy cannon. When fired, it emits a beam of Warp energy that emerges with a cascade of scintillating colours that explode into a blossom of oblivion as a rift into the Immaterium is opened at the beam's point of contact. Those not dragged screaming into the breach are left temporarily blinded, their vision a surreal, static image of the moment before the rift howled into existance.

    To fire the lambda Kai displacer, roll 2D6 to determine its Strength after placing the template but before rolling the Scatter dice. If an 11 or 12 is rolled for the gun’s Strength, resolve the rest of the attack as if the weapon has the Vortex special rule.
    Range S AP Type
    60" 2D6 2 Ordnance 1, Large Blast, Blind, Immaterium Rift
    Immaterium Rift: If a weapon with this special rule completely destroys an enemy unit (i.e. causes the last model in the enemy unit to be removed as a casualty) in the Shooting phase, roll a D6. If the result is equal to or less than the number of unsaved Wounds inflicted by the weapon in that phase, spawn one of the following units (your choice): 10 Bloodletters of Khorne, 10 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, 10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle or 10 Daemonettes of Slaanesh. Rules for these units can be found in Codex: Chaos Daemons. Place the new unit on the table so that it is wholly within 6" of the position of the last model in the enemy unit to be removed as a casualty. Models in this new unit cannot be placed in impassible terrain or within 1" of enemy models. If you cannot place some of the models due to these restrictions or because you have run out of appropriate models, the excess is discarded.

    The spawned unit cannot charge in the turn that it is spawned. If the new unit is a Psyker, generate its psychic power(s) as soon as the unit is spawned. If the new unit has any random powers/abilities that would normally need to be generated before the start of the game, generate them at the same time. Unless otherwise noted, spawned units are scoring units.

    If a spawned unit’s Army List Entry includes the option to take an Icon of Chaos, an Instrument of Chaos and/or the option to upgrade one model to a character, you may take any of these options for free provided you have the appropriate model available, and may not take any further upgrades or options.
    Las-Locks are single-shot, energy weapon that uses much of the same technology as a standard Lasgun or Laspistol, but with more primitive capacitors that require the need to reload after every shot. While this presents many problems with the rate of fire, the single laser bolt that Las-Locks fire is considerably more powerful than those fired by standard Imperial laser weapons.
    Range S AP Type
    18" 4 6 Assault 1
    The Krios battle tank commonly mounts a lightning cannon as its main armament. This configuration take advantage of the tank's powerful on-board reactor's vast capacity to create a laser-path guided electromagnetic beam, able to vaporise flesh and rupture heavy armour with sustained blasts. Though relatively short-ranged, its advantage over conventional weapons is that its reactor-fed firepower has the capacity to fire at full effect for extended periods, far eclipsing the number of physical shells a normal tank would be able to carry.
    Range S AP Type
    48" 7 3 Heavy 1, Large Blast, Rending, Shred
    This aptly named weapon take the form of a baroquely designed carbine connected to a micro-reactor core. It fires an ionizing las-beam, down which a powerful phased discharge of electromagnetic force is unleashed, and is equally effective at slaughtering the living and overloading machine targets.
    Range S AP Type
    18" 7 5 Heavy 1, Rending, Shred
    The lucifex pistol is the smallest variant of irradiation projector. While each shot from the lucifex unleashes much less cross-spectrum radiation than other irradiation projectors, it is still more than capable as an effective method to boost a Heretek's anti-infantry firepower.
    Range S AP Type
    6" 2 5 Pistol, Fleshbane, Rad-phage
    Rad-phage: A model that loses one or more Wounds to an attack with this special rule and survives has its Toughness score reduced by -1 for the rest of the battle.
    The marauder shot-cannon is a short-ranged, indiscriminate weapon, somewhat capricious in nature since the shrapnel it produces can be stopped by light armoured vehicles, while simultaneously being able to rip through Power Armour. It is the primary weapon on the Marauder Battle-automata, allowing the hunter-killer war robot to quickly decimating infantry and civilians alike with explosive blasts of armour-piercing shrapnel.
    Range S AP Type
    Template 6 - Assault 2, Rending
    These bulky automatic weapons differed from the more common heavy bolter only in calibre, as the mauler bolt cannon uses substantially larger bolts than its counterpart and thus has a proportionally larger and more robust frame to handle the increase in recoil.
    Range S AP Type
    24" 6 3 Heavy 3, Pinning
    A relatively compact sort-chambered rotary bolter, these weapons were used by the Legio Cybernetica before, during, and in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. While capable of a much higher rate of fire than the standard boltgun, the weapons' weight and recoil means that only the most heavily augmented members of the Dark Mechanicum can wield them.
    Range S AP Type
    12" 4 5 Assault 3
    The mayhem launcher is mounted upon the Kerar Heavy War-droid to provide heavy fire support. Essentially a rack of missiles fitted to the machine's shoulders, the mayhem launcher enables the bearer to engage both heavily armoured vehicles and lightly armoured infantry at will.

    A Kerar Heavy War-droid can fire their mayhem launcher in addition to their usual shooting attacks.
    Range S AP Type
    Frag missile 48" 4 6 Heavy 1, Blast, Twin-linked
    Krak missile 48" 8 3 Heavy 1, Twin-linked
    Flakk missile 48" 7 4 Heavy 1, Skyfire, Twin-linked
    The Medusa siege gun fires a heavier shell than the earthshaker cannon at a lower velocity over a shorter distance. The heavy shell has excellent destructive capabilities, but the Medusa cannot match the earthshaker for its longer range and so is less useful for harassing fire and counter-battery fire missions. Instead, it is primarily used to destroy enemy fortifications, such as bunkers, pillboxes, walls and trenches.
    Range S AP Type
    36" 10 2 Ordnance 1, Large Blast
    Mitralocks are a compact, multi-chambered variant of the Las-lock, designed to discharge a simultaneous volley of las-pulses in a fan effect at short range, akin to a shotgun blast.
    Range S AP Type
    8" 4 6 Assault 1, Shred
    Originally carried by Slaugth shock-constructs, not much is known about these brutal weapons. This hasn't stopped many a Dark Mechanicum Arch-Heretek from going to war over acquiring a mere handful of them, each prizing the weapons' unfathomable ability to project raking beams of energy capable of turning their victims to clouds of drifting dust.

    Necrotic beams have two profiles; one if the model carrying it has moved in the same turn, and the other if it has remained stationary. This is regardless of the Relentless special rule or if the carrying model is a vehicle, etc.
    Range S AP Type
    (Stationary) 36" 6 3 Heavy 5, Disintegrate
    (Fired on the move) 36" 4 5 Heavy 3, Disintegrate
    Disintergrate: When a model suffers one or more unsaved Wounds from this weapon, it must make a Toughness test. If the test is failed, the model is removed from play.
    The needle pistol is a small and elegant weapon of clouded origins. It is a relatively lightweight gun that fires monomolecular darts imbued with the most potent of venoms – perfect for stealthy assassinations, but just as suitable for close-quarter battlefield work. So subtle is the payload of a needle pistol that oftentimes the victim is dead on the floor before he has noticed his wound.
    Range S AP Type
    12" 3 2 Pistol, Poisoned (2+)
    Some bio-monstrosities of the Dark Mechanicum can vomit forth rolling masses of mutating ichor over incredible distances, annihilating entire enemy squads in one great, disgusting blast.
    Range S AP Type
    36" 8 3 Ordnance 1, Large Blast
    The smallest and shortest-ranged variant of the photon thruster weapons; its mechanism easily embedded within a gauntlet that can be fired by the wielder.
    Range S AP Type
    12" 5 2 Assault 2, Blind, Gets Hot
    When fired, a photon thruster unleashes a howling, needle-thin beam of pure blackness that is able to pierce the densest forms of matter and destroy the most heavily armoured warriors and vehicles. The power source for these weapons are considered extremely unstable and are little understood even by their operators.
    Range S AP Type
    48" 6 2 Heavy 2, Lance, Blind, Gets Hot
    Certain Dark Mechanicum vehicles mount four lascannons together in an array, allowing for an increased level of accuracy and destruction, though subsequently, the energy requirements to fire such an array are tremendous, straining all but the most potent reactor core systems.
    Range S AP Type
    48" 9 2 Heavy 2, Twin-linked
    A rifle-sized irradiation projector, this weapon is the most common type carried by Dark Mechanicum forces. Not even thick barriers of solid matter between the weapon's beam and the target can provide complete protection, with victims who survive the initial blast often dying later of extreme radioactive contamination.
    Range S AP Type
    Template 2 5 Assault 1, Fleshbane, Rad-phage
    Rad-phage: A model that loses one or more Wounds to an attack with this special rule and survives has its Toughness score reduced by -1 for the rest of the battle.
    There is a particular type of double-barrelled autocannon called the reaper, which is no longer employed by the forces of the Emperor. Within the Dark Mechanicum, it is mostly used by Marauder Battle-automata, allowing the hunter-killer war robots to lay down a withering hail of shots, giving them a much greater chance of killing those unfortunate enough to be caught in their crosshairs.
    Range S AP Type
    36" 7 4 Heavy 2, Twin-linked
    These weapons are essentially multi-barreled stubbers that use an electric motor to maintain an extremely high rate of fire from their spinning barrels. And while the rotor cannon's medium calibre rounds lack the explosive power of bolts, the sheer volume of fire achievable is more than effective against unarmored hordes of foes and fleshy xenos.
    Range S AP Type
    30" 3 6 Salvo 3/4
    The soulburner petard is similar to a medium mortar that fires large explosive rounds over short distances. The shells fired by the petard are capable of demolishing enemy fortifications, vehicles, and causing terrible damage to groups of infantry.
    Range S AP Type
    24" 5 5 Ordnance 1, Large Blast, Rending
    The storm laser is similar in function to the multi-laser used on several Imperial vehicles, such as the Chimera and the Sentinel combat walker. The weapon is highly effective against enemy infantry and lightly armoured vehicles.
    Range S AP Type
    36" 6 3 Heavy D3+2
    Some bio-monstrosities of the Dark Mechanicum have clawed tongue that they use to grasp their chosen prey and drag it, kicking and screaming, into their vast maw.
    Range S AP Type
    12" 6 2 Assault 1, Precision Shots
    The twin icarus lascannon is a type of large lascannon utilized commonly on anti-aircraft arrays as well as Cataclysm Siege-automata. On Cataclysm Siege-automata, it is linked directly to the war robot's Cyber Cortex, allowing the automata to more easily track down and destroy incoming enemy flyers.
    Range S AP Type
    96" 9 2 Heavy 1, Interceptor, Skyfire, Twin-linked
    Another commonly acquired relic of the Yu'Vath, this strange and terrible abomination of auto weapon fires its solid slug munitions through the Warp, with the warheads only emerging into realspace just before they strike their target.
    Range S AP Type
    12" 3 - Pistol, Precision Shots, Warp Munitions
    Warp Munitions: For each Precision Shot made by a weapon with this special rule the target automatically suffers a Wound, regardless of its Toughness. These Wounds are resolved at AP2 with the Ignores Cover special rule.
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