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    Warlord Traits/Faction And Allies

    If your Warlord has a Discipline of Techno-Heresy, you can either; roll a D6 on the corresponding Warlord Trait table below, roll a D6 on one of the Warlord Traits tables in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules, or roll a D3 on any other Warlord Trait table below that does not correspond to their Discipline of Techno-Heresy.

    If your Warlord does not have a Discipline of Techno-Heresy, you can either roll a D6 on one of the Warlord Traits tables in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules, or roll a D3 on any one of the Warlord Trait tables below.


    Warlord Trait
    1 Poison Lord: This Warlord has mastered the art of concocting and refining deadly poisons, coating his and his followers' weapons in his most virulent concoctions.
    Your Warlord and his unit's close combat attacks have the Poisoned (4+) special rule.
    2 Monstrous Physique: This Warlord has long left behind their adversions to self-experimentation, their body a hulking, mismatched canvas of alien grafts and vat-grown tissue.
    Add 1 to your Warlord's Wounds characteristic.
    3 The Death of Flesh: This Warlord has made a particular study of the weakness of flesh. They and the units under their command have therefore become expert in exploiting pain and suffering to achieve tactical objectives.
    All units in the same Detachment as your Warlord have the Preferred Enemy (Infantry) special rule while within 3” of an Objective.
    4 Master Chirurgeon: This Warlord is unmatched in their knowledge of medical procedure, able to heal even the most grievous of seemingly mortal wounds.
    Your Warlord, and any unit they join, may re-roll Feel No Pain rolls of 1.
    5 Corpulent: So bloated and vast has this Warlord's body become through their twisted and insane experiments, that swathes of it can be torn from their form without risk of lasting injury.
    Your Warlord has the Eternal Warrior special rule.
    6 Carrion-eater: Through horrifying and unknown means, this Warlord is able to sustain - and even empower - themselves by feeding off of the battlefield dead.
    At the end of any Assault phase in which your Warlord caused one or more unsaved Wounds, roll a D6. On a 2+ your Warlord gains a single Wound (to a maximum of 10). Note that this may take your Warlord above their starting number of Wounds.

    Warlord Trait
    1 Reinforced Exoskeleton: Perhaps seeing a sham immortality, this Warlord has installed several layers of subcutaneous fleximetal and extensively reworked his armour so that is boned with the bone underneath.
    Your Warlord has the Eternal Warrior special rule.
    2 Artificer Armament: This Warlord has poured years of his time into the perfection of a signature weapon, lavishing care upon it as an indulgent parent would spoil a child.
    Nominate one weapon carried by your Warlord. That weapon has the Master-crafted special rule. Note, however, that this cannot be applied to a Dark Tech Artefact.
    3 Masterwork Bionics: Automedicae subroutines and alchymic regeneration exlixirs complement the Warlord's extensive suite of bionics. To him, human flesh is an anachronism, the sad legacy of a civilisation whose time has come and gone.
    Your Warlord can re-roll failed Feel No Pain rolls.
    4 Death to the Servants of Mars!: This Warlord's mindscape burns with thoughts of death and destruction, all aimed at the Imperium's Adeptus Mechanicus and their blind servants.
    Your Warlord and all friendly units within 12” of the Warlord have the Preferred Enemy (Cult Mechanicus) and Preferred Enemy (Skitarii) special rules.
    5 Xenotech Collector: This Warlord is a hoarder of esoteric alien technology, some of which he has incorporated into his own wargear.
    Your Warlord has a 6+ invulnerable save. In addition, select one of the Warlord's ranged weapons. That weapon gains +1 Strength and the Rending special rule for the duration of the battle.
    6 Emotionless Clarity: With a mind blissfully unsullied by the passions common to the flesh, the Warlord can take perfect aim even when monstrous beasts and daemons bear down upon him.
    When your Warlord and his unit fire Overwatch, their Ballistic Skill is counted as being 4 instead of 1.

    Warlord Trait
    1 Perfected Targeting: The Preternatural augmented mind of the Warlord can predict the precisely optimal targeting resolution to sow destruction amid the foe.
    While your Warlord is alive, select a single weapon that either they are carrying or that is being used by a friendly unit within 6” of them in the Shooting phase with the Heavy type. That weapon counts as being Twin-linked for this turn.
    2 Voice of the Omnissiah: This Warlord has dedicated their life and altered their body to best communicate with the machine creatures under their command.
    Your Warlord has the Cybertheurgy special rule. If your Warlord already has the Cybertheurgy special rule, failed Cybertheurgy powers used by your Warlord must be re-rolled.
    3 Dread Rites: The Warlord carries with the secret knowledge of the Dark Age of Technology, and has seen and done things no unaltered mind can do and remain sane.
    Your Warlord, and any unit they join, both cause Fear and are immune to its effects, and have the Adamantium Will special rule.
    4 Forbidden Protocols: Through discovery and experimentation this Warlord has created certain programming protocols whose geometry extends beyond Euclidean space into realms best left untouched. As a result, those automata under his command behave not even as machine-creatures but as true predators.
    All models with the Programmed Behaviour special rule in the same Detachment as your Warlord have the following rules applied to them:

    • They may made Sweeping Advances and Run moves contrary to the normal rules for such units.
    • If outside the cortex controller range of a model from the same Detachment, the model/unit must move towards the nearest enemy unit (other than Flyers) in the Movement phase and must make charges and Sweeping Advance moves if they are able to do so.
    5 Cybertheurgy Lord: This Warlord's understanding of the data-djinn and mastery of cybernetica control is unmatched, allowing them to enforce their will across multiple points of the battlefield at a moment's notice.
    Your Warlord may use up to two Cybertheurgy powers per turn.
    6 Cybernetic-induced Clarity: Little remains of the original organic tissue that makes up this Warlord's mind. Thus devoid of many of the mortal failings of lesser organic creatures, they can maintain utmost accuracy even in the most dangerous of encounters.
    Your Warlord and his unit fire Overwatch using their normal Ballistic Skill characteristic.

    Warlord Trait
    1 Denizen of the Underhive: This Warlord has knowledge of the secret and obscure pathways that litter the battlefield and is able to guide troops through them as if intimately familiar with these lost avenues of advance.
    Your Warlord and three non-vehicle units of your choice from the same Detachment have the Infiltrate special rule.
    2 Blood-bather: Even amongst a breed of murderous, this Warlord and his brethren have garnered a notorious reputation for their mastery of the killing art.
    Your Warlord and his unit can re-roll any To Wound rolls of 1 in the Assault phase.
    3 One with the Throng: Undistinct and unnoticeable, this Warlord fades in and out of the crowd almost without detection.
    Your Warlord has the Stealth special rule.
    4 Implacable Advance: The fear and obedience this Warlord instils within those warriors that surround him galvanises them into an unyielding tide that advances without hesitation into even the heaviest of enemy fire.
    Your Warlord, and all friendly units with the Dark Mechanicum Faction within 12” of him, roll an additional D6 and keep the two lowest dice when making Morale checks, Pinning tests and Fear tests.
    5 Leader of the Uprising: For months, possibly even years, this Warlord has organised and coordinated this planet's downfall, those hapless heretics swept up in his wake fighting on even harder in his presence.
    Friendly units of Dark Mechanicum Slaves within 12” of your Warlord have the Furious Charge and Feel No Pain (6+) special rules.
    6 Icon of Terror: Such brutal and bloody a reputation does this Warlord have, that entire groups of trained, well-disciplined soldiers will unmake themselves in his presence, leaving them easy pickings for his followers.
    Your Warlord has the Fear special rule. All enemy units within 6” of your Warlord suffer a -1 Leadership penalty.

    Warlord Trait
    1 Predictive Augury : The Warlord may respond with lightning swiftness to enemy attack.
    The Warlord, and any unit they have joined, count their Ballistic Skill as 2 when firing Overwatch.
    2 Archaeotech Specialist: The Warlord has spent long years learning the likely resting places of priceless artefacts and how to turn them to his advantage.
    When your Warlord, or his unit, discovers a Mysterious Objective, instead of rolling to identify it, you can choose which result on the Mysterious Objective table (see Warhammer 40,000: The Rules) to apply to that objective for the rest of the game.
    3 More Machine Than Flesh: The Warlord has dedicated years, if not decades, to steadily replacing the organic components of their body, allowing him to suffer wounds that would fell lesser Heretek's without negative effects.
    Your Warlord has the Feel No Pain (4+) special rule, which cannot be improved by any means.
    4 Master of Mechanisms: The Warlord is a true artificer, and the war engines and automata at his command are a testament to his powers.
    Select one unit of models with the Cybernetica Cortex special rule, or a single vehicle squadron with at least one Armour value of 12 or higher in the same Detachment as your Warlord, that unit gains the It Will Not Die special rule.
    5 Inside the Mind of the Machine: The Warlord can cow the savage battle spirit of enemy war machines.
    Your Warlord's close combat attacks have the Haywire special rule.
    6 Battlefield Analysis: The Warlord has studied the precise topography of the battlefield and calculated the optimum avenues of assault.
    At the start of the game after Deployment but before the battle begins, nominate a single piece of terrain in the enemy's deployment zone. The cover save provided by this terrain is lowered by -1 (a 5+ cover save becoming a 6+ cover save, and so on).

    Warlord Trait
    1 Aethersight: Blessed with visions of unreality, this Warlord can expertly guide his followers aim with a near-omnipotent, all-seeing presence.
    Your Warlord and his unit's ranged weapons have the Ignores Cover special rule.
    2 Undying Form: The Warlord's body has been transformed into an impervious substance such as psychocrystal, living granite, or glittering cosmic dust.
    Your Warlord has the Eternal Warrior special rule.
    3 Tech-witch: A follower of Ammicus Tole's teachings, this Warlord can harness the currents of the Warp to manipulate and corrupt ally and enemy war machines alike.
    Your Warlord has the Psyker (Mastery Level 1) special rule, and can generate his powers from the Heretek discipline. If your Warlord is already a Psyker, add 1 to his Mastery Level instead.
    4 Lord of Arcane Lore: This Warlord has committed to memory many a grimoire and graven tome, giving him extensive knowledge of hexes, cantrips and spells.
    If your Warlord is a Psyker, he knows one additional psychic power. If your Warlord is not a Psyker, he has the Adamantium Will special rule.
    5 Loci of the Immaterium: This Warlord's very being weakens the walls of reality around them, empowering their daemonic allies and strengthening their presence in realspace.
    Add 1 to the invulnerable save of all Friendly units with the Daemon special rule within 12” of your Warlord. This is cumulative with any other modifiers.
    6 Empyrean Conduit: The turbulent energies of the Warp flow through this Warlord, allowing them and their allies to more successfully harness their reality warping psychic abilities.
    Each Psychic Phase, while your Warlord is alive and on the battlefield, add D3 additional dice to your Warp Charge pool.
    All models in Codex: Dark Mechanicum have the Dark Mechanicum Faction. Models with the Dark Mechanicum Faction have the following levels of alliance with other units from different Factions in the same army:

    Battle Brothers: Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines.

    Allies of Convenience: Armies of the Imperium, Tau Empire.

    Desperate Allies: Dark Eldar, Harlequins, Necrons.

    Come the Apocalypse: Eldar, Genestealer Cult, Orks, Tyranids.

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