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    Armoury Of The Hell-Forge Worlds/Ranged Weapons


    This section of Codex: Dark Mechanicum lists the weapons and equipment used by the Dark Mechanicum, along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000. Equipment that is carried by named characters is detailed in the appropriate entry in the datasheets, while equipment used by all other types of units are detailed here.


    Profiles for the following Ranged weapons are listed in the profiles section. Their full rules can be found in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.

    Assault cannon Boltgun Combi-plasma Heavy flamer Lascannon Missile launcher Plasma cannon
    Autocannon Combi-flamer Flamer Heavy stubber Laspistol Mutli-laser Plasma gun
    Bolt pistol Combi-melta Heavy bolter Inferno pistol Meltagun Multi-melta Plasma pistol

    One of the numerous contemptible weapons that are oft mounted to a Hell Talon's hardpoints, each alchem cluster bomb contains multiple noxious submunitions which are released from it in mid-air, allowing it to saturate a large area in caustic, poisonous chemicals.
    Range S AP Type
    - 1 5 Bomb 3, Barrage, Blast, Poisoned (4+), One Use Only
    A heavy arc weapon, the arc blaster was originally designed specifically for Imperial Stratos-automata during the era of the Great Crusade. Such potent a weapon was its design, that even ten millennia later, the arc blaster remains the premier weapon of choice for their own Stratos-automata.
    Range S AP Type
    24" 6 5 Heavy 3, Haywire, Shred
    These ancient sidearms date back to the Dark Age of Technology and are capable of firing a variety of strange and esoteric projectiles, be they micro-atomic munitions or searing directed energy kill-rays that draw power from a planet's magnetosphere.
    Range S AP Type
    12" 6 3 Pistol, Master-crafted
    Another of the Hell Talon's weapons, the baletalon shatter charge is blown apart by internal explosive charges soon after it is released from its hardpoint, shattering along pre-stressed lines in the weapon, and leaving what remains to rain down upon the battlefield at near terminal velocity as multi-meter long spears of adamantium and plasteel.
    Range S AP Type
    - 8 4 Bomb 3, Unguided, One Use Only
    Unguided: Unlike normal bombs, the baletalon shatter charge does not use a blast template. When making a Bombing Run with this weapon, nominate one unit the Hell Talon has passed over and then proceed as if you were making a Snap Shot shooting attack against that unit using the baletalon shatter charge's profile. The nominated unit is always assumed to be within range.
    A butcher cannon is a heavy calibre, rapid-firing rotary gun used by Dark Mechanicum Decimators. Captured Dark Mechanicum Heretek's have reported that the shells fired by the butcher cannon are bound with sorcerous Chaos runes of anathema and bloodletting.
    Range S AP Type
    36" 8 4 Heavy 4
    Originally devised by the Arch-Magos Callophe, a psy-engine is a dread weapon: barely controlled living psyker brains set within a weapon-housing and goaded by neuro-implants to blast foes with the power of the Warp.
    Range S AP Type
    Template 1 2 Assault 1, Gets Hot, Psi-shock, Psychic Blight
    Psi-shock: Any Psyker that takes an unsaved Wound from a weapon with this special rule suffers the Perils of the Warp in addition to any other effects.

    Psychic Blight: Hits caused by this weapon always wound on a 4+. This special rule has no effects on vehicles or buildings.
    Mounted on the backs of the Dark Mechanicum's Cataclysm Siege-automata, these weapons fire massed volleys of missiles across vast distances that smash into their targets with devastating force - perfect for turning armoured vehicles into scrap metal.
    Range S AP Type
    60" 7 4 Heavy 9
    The standard main-armament on the Dark Mechanicum's Cataclysm Siege-automata, the cataclysm laser lance utilises a combination of heretical innovation and xenos technology to achieve its massive range and damage output, allowing it to bring low even the mightiest Imperial battle tank from across the battlefield.
    Range S AP Type
    60" 9 2 Heavy 1, Lance
    Chronoscythes are a bizarre piece of technological evolution and weapon design. The simplest and earliest forms of chronoscythe were little more than weaponised stasis field generators, altered through unknown means to project their time-warp fields short distances. Though still unperfected, these weapons can be horrifically effective given the right conditions.
    Range S AP Type
    Template 3 - Assault 1, Stasis Anomaly, Strikedown
    Stasis Anomaly: All models in a unit hit by one or more weapons with this special rule suffer a -1 penalty to their Weapon Skill and Initiative (to a minimum of 1) until the end of the turn.
    The colossus siege mortar is one of the largest mortars used by the Dark Mechanicum, and are rarely seen except during campaigns where they are required to flatten enemy positions. Most colossus shells are high explosive concussive munitions, which result in enormous detonation shockwaves that crush bones, crack rocks and reduce flesh to a pulp.
    Range S AP Type
    24"-240" 6 3 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Ignores Cover, Large Blast
    Essentially two standard boltguns that have been mechanically combined into a single weapon, the combi-bolter emerged from the Horus Heresy as one of the most tactically flexible weapons available to the Traitor Legions and their allies. Though older and less efficient than the Imperium's storm bolter the combi-bolter is still a weapon to be rightly feared.
    Range S AP Type
    24" 4 5 Rapid Fire, Twin-linked
    Conversion beamers are rare pre-Heresy weapons that are able to induce a controlled subatomic reaction in their target. The greater the distance between the firer and his victim, the more deadly the blast, as the beam has time to grow in power.

    A shot from a conversion beamer has a different profile depending on how far the target is from the firer. When firing the conversion beamer, place the blast marker over a target within 72" and then roll for scatter. Once the final location of the blast marker has been determined, measure the distance from the firer to the centre of the blast marker and consult the chart below to determine the effect. If this distance is greater than 72", the shot misses. If it is not clear which of the profiles to use, the controlling player can choose.
    Range S AP Type
    up to 18" 6 - Heavy 1, Blast
    18"-42" 8 4 Heavy 1, Blast
    42"-72" 10 1 Heavy 1, Blast
    The Dark Skitarii utilise a menagerie of various different exotic and peculiar weapons of unknown origin, each a dark reflection of the whims and temperament of the Heretek who commands them. These weapons, collectively known as Dark Mechanicum rifles are far superior in almost every metric to the ubiquitous Imperial lasgun. However, some Heretek's augment these weapons to dizzying levels of lethality, though not without risk to the weapon's wielder.

    Dark Mechanicum rifles have two different profiles. All Dark Mechanicum rifles in the unit must use the same profile each time the unit fires.
    Range S AP Type
    Standard 24" 4 4 Rapid Fire
    Overcharged 24" 4 3 Rapid Fire, Gets Hot
    Believed to be of alien origin, the darkfire cannon is a long, lance-like photon thruster weapon that fires needle-thin beams of dark energy. Armour, flesh and stone boil away at these howling beams of pure darkness, and even the most heavily armoured vehicles can be torn apart by their hellish un-light.
    Range S AP Type
    60" 7 2 Heavy 2, Lance, Blind, Gets Hot
    The primary weapon of the Dark Mechanicum's Desecrator Engine, this squat, tri-barreled mortar launches bulky canisters filled with toxic gas arcing through the air with a distinctive and instantly recognizable thud. Upon impact, these canisters fragment smothering the battlefield in a hideous substance that chews through ceramite and chitin alike in seconds, the virulent chemical dissolving its victims to a slick of organic sludge.
    Range S AP Type
    36" 1 3 Heavy 3, Blast, Poisoned (2+)
    A type of Human archaeotech, each disintegration gun is a relic from the Dark Age of Technology. These weapons can reduce a target to atoms in the blink of an eye. Though highly dangerous, few of these weapons remain in use even within the Dark Mechanicum, and those that do are revered beyond measure.
    Range S AP Type
    18" 5 2 Rapid Fire, Gets Hot, Instant Death
    The distinctive, looming barrel of the earthshaker cannon is a sight capable of striking fear into the many foes of the Dark Mechanicum. These long-necked artillery guns have an impressive range and can maintain a fearsome rate of fire, lobbing shell after shell into foes and reducing them to blasted ruin.
    Range S AP Type
    36"-240" 9 3 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast
    Ectoplasma cannons channel the raw daemonic energy of the Warp into searing, cometary blasts that make a noise like the howls of the damned. Harnessing such energies can sometimes prove as dangerous to the wielder as to the target. Anything hit by an ectoplasma cannon is developed by screaming, tortured souls that dance in the flames.
    Range S AP Type
    24" 8 2 Heavy 1, Blast, Gets Hot
    The phased plasma-fusil was a plasma weapon once a common sight in the armouries of the Imperium of Man during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras. More reliable, though still somewhat unstable and hazardous to its wielder, those phased plasma-fusils that remained in service to the Dark Mechanicum were adapted and modified into the weapon known today as ectoplasma-fusils.
    Range S AP Type
    16" 7 3 Salvo 2/3
    Some Empyric Engineers modify existing variants and known patterns of plasma guns into something more insidious. These ectoplasma guns utilise similar technology to that found in both the ectoplasma cannon and ectoplasma-fusil, albeit on a smaller scale. These weapons fire bolts of pure Warp energy, each capable of melting through armour and flesh with an ease even the most potent Imperial plasma weapons cannot achieve.
    Range S AP Type
    16" 8 2 Rapid Fire, Gets Hot
    The dizzying profusion of fiendish weapons used by the Stitched Horrors and Stitched Abominations of the Dark Mechanicum defy strict definition, be they warp-fueled arquebus or semi-organic machine pistols. Whatever their exact form or function, these weapons are collectively categorized by Dark Mechanicum's enemies as firearms.
    Range S AP Type
    18" 4 6 Assault D3*, Gets Hot
    *Roll once for the entire unit before firing. Each model in the unit fires that number of shots.
    The gluon cannon is a rare and experimental weapon even within the ranks of the Dark Mechanicum. Firing a wide beam of energised particles guided down a powerful laser, the gluon cannon not only saturates its target in lethal levels of radiation but also destabilises them at a quantum level, leaving them weakened for the firer's allies to engage.
    Range S AP Type
    48" 2 1 Heavy 1, Blast, Decay Increase, Haywire, Rad Poisoning
    Decay Increase: Friendly units' ranged weapons have the Rending special rule when targetting an enemy unit during the phase that it has suffered one or more unsaved Wounds, glancing or penetrating hits by a weapon with this special rule.

    Rad Poisoning: When firing a weapon that has this special rule, a To Wound roll of 6 causes 2 Wounds on the target unit, regardless of the target’s Toughness. Each Wound is allocated and saved against separately.
    These rare and esoteric weapons operate off little understood technological principles observed from the weapons of certain Ork klans. When activated, a powerful energy-based grab-beam is projected towards any target and the beam pulls it towards the source with large amounts of force. Certain, particularly avian-like Stratos-automata even employ these weapons as long-range talons with which to tear, twist and pull apart their prey.
    Range S AP Type
    24" 8 1 Heavy 2, Gravitational Mutilation
    Gravitational Mutilation: A unit that includes at least one model equipped with a weapon with this special rule resolve their Vector Strike attacks at Strength 8 AP1. In addition, for each model in the same unit after the first equipped with a weapon with this special rule, add 1 to the number of hits made by the unit when making a Vector Strike.
    The graviton gun employed by the forces of the Dark Mechanicum predates the Imperium's own grav-guns, more akin in design to the weapons originally developed for use in low gravity environments for peaceful purposes, these weapons are nonetheless highly effective and equally as devastating when used on their highest settings.
    Range S AP Type
    18" * 4 Heavy 1, Blast, Concussive, Graviton Pulse, Haywire
    Graviton Pulse: Instead of rolling To Wound normally with this weapon, any model caught in its blast must instead roll equal to or under their Strength on a D6 or suffer a wound (a roll of a '6' always counts as a failure). After a Graviton Pulse weapon has been fired, leave the Blast marker in place. This area now counts as both difficult terrain and dangerous terrain for the next turn thanks to the gravity flux.

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