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    Melee Weapons


    Profiles for the following Melee weapons are listed in the profiles section. Their full rules can be found in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.

    Chainfist Close combat weapon Eviscerator Force weapon Heavy chainsword Lightning claw Power fist Power weapon

    A powerful lash-like weapon equipped with a multi-spectrum disruption field, the arc scourge may be used to strike multiple foes at once or coil round an enemy war machine and deliver a pulse that will incinerate and overload its systems.
    Range S AP Type
    - User 2 Melee, Armourbane, Concussive, Rampage
    These close combat weapons are fitted to the primary weapon-limbs of some Dark Mechanicum Battle-automata. Their sabre-like blades use molecular disruption fields super-charged with power from the Battle-automata's atomanic power core to enable them to cut through the most heavily armoured enemy vehicles.
    Range S AP Type
    - User 2 Melee, Rending
    Originally a weapon of the Adeptus Mechanicus and used by the secretive and seldom seen Corpuscarii sub-cult, this battle stave is fitted with a shock charge generator. Amongst the Hereteks of the Dark Mechanicum, it is most often seen in the hands of the Overseers.
    Range S AP Type
    - +1 4 Melee, Concussive, Haywire, Two-handed
    Data talons bristle with numerous corrupting energies, each drawn from the Data Daemons very essence and distilled into their most pure, viral form. Even the briefest touch can be enough to render even the mightiest of war machines into nothing but a lifeless hulk.
    Range S AP Type
    - User 5 Melee, Haywire, Machine Scourge
    Machine Scourge: A model equipped with this weapon can re-roll the result when rolling to determine the effect of the Haywire special rule.
    The dataspikes favoured by the Heretek's of the Dark Mechanicum can stab into the cortex of enemy machines and steal their secrets within a couple of heartbeats.
    Range S AP Type
    - User - Melee, Dataspike, Haywire
    Dataspike: When a model equipped with a weapon that has this special rule makes Melee attacks, it makes an additional attack with this weapon at the Initiative 10 step. This does not grant the model an additional Pile In move.
    Usually carried in pairs, this is the most common of the weapons mounted to a Decimator Daemon Engine. It is a wickedly sharp, bladed melee weapon that incorporates some unknown form of flamer weapon. It was claimed, long ago, that the Decimator's siege claws bear similarities to certain blades used by the serrator-assassins of the xenos Galthite.
    Range S AP Type
    - User 2 Melee, Shred, Smash1
    1Smash: When a building or transport takes a Penetrating hit from a Decimator's Smash attack, any units inside suffer D6 heavy flamer hits for each heavy flamer the Decimator has, in addition to any other damage inflicted. Note that the Decimator can only benefit from the Smash rule as long as it has at least a single siege claw.
    The larger of the two claw-like melee weapons equipped to the Dark Mechanicum's Tormentor Engines. These monstrous weapons were originally designed to help break apart starships in Imperial shipyards, they have now been repurposed to horrifying effect. Any vehicle or monstrous creature unlucky enough to find itself clasped within the cold, mechanical pincers of the dismantling claw will soon find itself cut to ribbons in a shower of blood or sparks.
    Range S AP Type
    - X2 2 Melee, Armourbane, Dismantle
    Dismantle: When a model with a dismantling claw makes its close combat attacks, it can instead make a single dismantle attack. If it does so, roll To Hit as normal, but resolve the attack at Strength D AP2.
    Primarily used by the Negavolt Cultists of the Dark Mechanicum, the electro-goad is a type of electrified melee weapon used to input the powers of the Warp into machinery, perverting their machine spirit. Often carried in pairs, these weapons draw power from the empathic-resonance coils the cultists wire throughout themselves.
    Range S AP Type
    - +2 - Melee, Electro-weapon
    Electro-weapon: When making an attack with a weapon that has this special rule, a To Hit roll of a 6 causes 2 additional hits on the target.
    A type of graviton weapon built into the frame of Domitar Battle-automata used by the Mechanicum during the Great Crusade. Able to amplify an automata's blows with waves of gravitational force, these powerful close-combat weapons have been transplanted onto numerous different classes of Battle-automata created by the Dark Mechanicum since the end of the Horus Heresy.

    In addition to its weapon attacks, units assaulting a model or unit with a graviton hammer always counts as making a Disordered Charge when doing so.
    Range S AP Type
    - 10 2 Melee, Concussive, Wrecker
    Wrecker: A weapon with this special rule re-rolls failed armour penetration rolls against buildings and can choose to re-roll glancing hits, in an attempt to instead get a penetrating hit – but the second result must be kept. If a weapon with this special rule scores a penetrating hit against a building, add an additional +1 modifier to the roll on the Building Damage Table.
    A creation whose origins and design far predates the Imperium, this graviton weapon may have once been simply a device used for mining an excavation during the height of humanity's technological might, but in the hands of the Dark Mechanicum it has been turned into an implement of devastation capable of pulverising rock, metal and flesh in cascading waves of gravitational force.

    In addition to its weapon attacks, units assaulting a model or unit with a graviton ram always count as making a Disordered Charge when doing so.
    Range S AP Type
    - 10 1 Melee, Armourbane, Concussive, Structural Collapse
    Template * 4 Heavy 1, Concussive, Graviton Wave, Haywire
    Structural Collapse: When attacking a Building, this weapon uses the Destroyer Weapon Attack Table.

    Graviton Wave: Instead of rolling To Wound with this weapon, any non-vehicle model caught in its effect must instead roll equal to or under their Strength on a D6 or suffer a Wound (a roll of a '6' always counts as a failure). In addition, any unit which suffers a Morale check as a result of casualties taken from this attack is subject to a -2 Leadership modifier.
    The Hadesi Crawler-droids are equipped with a large number of mechadendrites and servo-arms adapted for lethal purposes, dissecting living matter with murderous speed.
    Range S AP Type
    - User 5 Melee, Dismemberment, Maelstrom
    Dismemberment: When a model equipped with this weapon makes its close combat attacks, it can choose to instead make a single Dismemberment attack at Initiative step 1. If it does so, roll To Hit as normal but resolve the Attack at Strength +3, AP2. This does not grant the model an additional Pile In move.

    Maelstrom: Each time a model equipped with this weapon rolls a 6 To Hit in close combat, it can immediately make one additional Attack. Bonus attacks generated in this way do not themselves generate more attacks.
    Found only on the engines of destruction known as Slinnar War Machines, this weapon radiates searing energy given life through the human soul imbued within the machine. A Slinnar War Machine pulses with the heat of a star, and even the bearest burning touch of this weapon is enough for it to melt ceramite like wax.
    Range S AP Type
    - 7 2 Melee, Blind
    Originally a tool for mining. The Gene-sculptor's Stitched Horrors use these weapons on those they can catch, each swing crushing torsos and breaking spines in a burst of disruptive energy.
    Range S AP Type
    - +3 2 Melee, Concussive, Specialist Weapon, Two-handed, Unwieldy
    A mining tool used throughout the Imperium and beyond, power picks are simple enough in design. They bear a low-quality disruption field powerful enough to shatter ceramite like glass.
    Range S AP Type
    - +2 3 Melee, Unwieldy
    A power scourge is a set of metal arms tipped with blades that crackle with barely suppressed energy. In combat, the scourge lashes back and forth wildly, scything through anything foolish enough to get close.
    Range S AP Type
    - 8 2 Melee, Flail
    Flail: If one or more enemy models are in base contact with a model equipped with a weapon with this special rule at the beginning of the Fight sub-phase, roll a D3 and subtract the result from the Weapon Skill of those models (to a minimum of 1) for the duration of that phase.
    The Stitched Horrors and Stitched Abominations of the Gene-sculptors are simple creatures, generally unfussed by whatever weapon they have on hand, so long as it is sufficiently hefty and solid enough to pulverise armour - and the soft, vulnerable flesh beneath.
    Range S AP Type
    - User 4 Melee, Concussive
    Schismatic blades are diamond-sharp daemonic blades formed of pure and corrupting Warp-energy. Not entirely of this dimension, they are able to pass through even the thickest armour with ease, rematerialising within the victim's body, slicing them in twain.
    Range S AP Type
    - User - Melee, Fleshbane, Rending
    These massive articulated utility claws are primarily used to facilitate battlefield repairs, but are strong enough to crush the life from a foe and wreck armoured vehicles, should the need arise.
    Range S AP Type
    - x2 1 Melee, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy
    These monstrously oversized grinding drills are so heavy they cannot be carried by anything smaller than a Battle-automata of the Dark Mechanicum. A single blow can breach a hole through the armoured pannels of a fortress or reduce a tank to twisted scrap in seconds.
    Range S AP Type
    - x2 2 Melee, Armourbane, Specialist Weapon
    A form of siege weaponry mounted on Cataphract War-droids, this weapon is capable of pounding down enemy fortifications in order to create a breach, each blow of the hammer capable of causing catastrophic shockwaves to tear through the target.
    Range S AP Type
    - x2 1 Melee, Concussive, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy
    The whips of the Dark Mechanicum's Slave Masters are as many and varied as the Slave Masters themselves. One may be a mechanical appendage grafted straight onto the Slave Master's flesh, its metallic surface edged with blades and barbs. Another might be a vat-grown, semi-sentient bio-weapon. Or perhaps it is a lovingly constructed piece of leatherwork, the leather having been procured from the flayed and tanned hides of disobedient slaves.
    Range S AP Type
    - User 5 Melee, Lash
    Lash: A model equipped with a weapon with this special rule has a +3 bonus to its Initiative in the Fight sub-phase.

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