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    Dark Mechanicum Vehicle Equipment


    Rules for the following vehicle upgrades can be found in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.
    Combi-weapons Extra armour Searchlight
    Dozer blade Heavy stubber Smoke launchers
    An series of highly advanced targeting augurs assists the vehicle's gunners by identifying targets of particular value or danger and plotting fire plans to counter them.

    A vehicle with advanced targeting augurs has the Precision Shots special rule.
    This is a defensive system mounted on war machinery utilised by the Dark Mechanicum. Using a battery of electro-chem capacitors to generate a massive pulse shock of electromagnetic force through a vehicle's hull, it is able to electrocute and incinerate nearby living creatures as well as disrupt and burn out enemy machinery.

    A vehicle equipped with an anbaric claw may trigger it in any turn in which it is being attacked in the Assault phase, and at any point when it is either being rammed by another vehicle or is ramming an enemy vehicle itself, with the limitation that the anbaric claw can only be used once per player turn.

    When the anbaric claw is triggered, it automatically strikes all units within 1" of the equipped vehicle's hull, whether friend or foe (although all models transported inside vehicles are unaffected). If triggered during a Ram, it affects any other vehicles the equipped vehicle contacts, to the facing where contact takes place.

    The anbaric claw inflicts D6 hits on any unit it strikes. If being used in the Assault phase, the anbaric claw's effects are worked out at Initiative 10. If being used while a Ram is being conducted, its effects are simultaneous with working out damaged caused by ramming.
    Range S AP Type
    Anbaric claw - 5 4 Melee, Rending
    Additional heavy ceramite plating fitted to a vehicle allows it to withstand extremes of heat and radiation. Platting of this kind is fitted to orbital strike craft to enable them to withstand the rigours of re-entry from space, and also to certain siege vehicles to protect them from thermal energy weapons.

    Melta weapons do not roll an extra D6 armour penetration when shooting a vehicle equipped with armoured ceramite at half range or less.
    Some Dark Mechaniucm flyers have additional armour plating affixed in and around the vehicle's cockpit to provide the pilot a little extra protection from enemy fire.

    A vehicle equipped with an armoured cockpit may ignore results of Crew Shaken and Crew Stunned on a roll of 4+.
    This scanning device has the effect of alerting the user to the concealed presence or imminent arrival of enemy troops in the vicinity, even if concealed, and can even detect the tell-tale electro-gravitic disruption effect on local space that presages teleport transfers.

    Models cannot be deployed using the Infiltrate special rule within 18" of a model equipped with an augury scanner. Enemy models deployed using Deep Strike within this range can also be attacked by a unit carrying an augury scanner at the end of the enemy Movement phase as if their Rapid Fire and Heavy weapons (if they have any) had the Interceptor special rule.
    Almost all vehicles operated by the Dark Mechanicum have been customised and improved by the Heretek's who field them or are otherwise testbeds for technology designed and recovered in the field. A common form of such customisations is the fitting of backup and auxiliary drive systems such as secondary galvanic motors to keep a vehicle mobile for short periods of time even if its main motive drive becomes damaged.

    A vehicle equipped with an auxiliary drive may ignore Immobilised results it suffers on a D6 roll of 4+.
    A common sight on the interceptors and fighter-bombers of the Dark Mechanicum, these devices deploy a payload of signal-disrupting chaff that instantly breaks locks from many dedicated forms of anti-air weaponry, allowing the flyer to jink safely away from harm.

    A vehicle equipped with chaff launchers can re-roll failed cover saves when it Jinks.
    ssentially two standard boltguns that have been mechanically combined into a single weapon, the combi-bolter emerged from the Horus Heresy as one of the most tactically flexible weapons available to the Traitor Legions and their allies. Though older and less efficient than the Imperium's storm bolter the combi-bolter is still a weapon to be rightly feared.
    Range S AP Type
    24" 4 5 Rapid Fire, Twin-linked
    The vehicle's crew has been replaced by a bound daemon.

    The vehicle's Ballistic Skill is reduced to 3. It ignores the effects of Crew Shaken and Crew Stunned results on a 2+. Embarked units are still affected by those results.

    Roll a D6 each time a unit embarks on a vehicle with the daemonic possession upgrade (including rolling at the start of your first turn if a unit begins the game embarked upon such a vehicle). On a roll of 1, the Daemon devours a randomly chosen model in the unit - remove that model as a casualty with no saves of any kind allowed. The vehicle then recovers one Hull Point lost earlier in the battle.
    This vehicle has been dedicated to Khorne and embodies the Blood God's insatiable rage and murderous fury.

    A vehicle dedicated to Khorne has the Rampage special rule.
    This vehicle has been dedicated to Nurgle and is blessed by countless of the Plague God's many contagions, the mechanical chassis of the construct supporting a seething, maggot-ridden mass of putrescent Daemon-flesh.

    A vehicle dedicated to Nurgle has the It Will Not Die special rule.
    This vehicle has been dedicated to Slaanesh, the bound-daemon within's wails funnelled through a complex arrangement of pipes, tubes and amplifiers that magnify the imprisoned daemon's war cries.

    A vehicle dedicated to Slaanesh counts as being equipped with both assault and defensive grenades.
    This vehicle has been dedicated to Tzeentch, the Daemon Engine's every action a move in the Changer of Ways ever-changing scheme. No longer do the vehicle's flame weapons spout normal fire, but instead issue forth the raw stuff of the magic and change.

    A vehicle dedicated to Tzeentch may re-roll all To Hit rolls of 1 with its shooting attacks, and its heavy flamers (if it has any) gain the Soul Blaze special rule.
    The hull of this vehicle has been modified with hideously sharp spikes, whirring blades and jagged spars.

    Any unit that is Tank Shocked by a vehicle with destroyer blades takes D6 Strength 5 AP- hits. If the unit chose to make a Death or Glory attack, it instead takes 2D6 Strength 5 AP- hits.
    This device emits a series of terrifying wails, screams and howls that demoralise and confuse enemies who hear them.

    Enemy units within 6” of one or more vehicles with a dirge caster cannot fire Overwatch.
    Almost all vehicles operated by the Dark Mechanicum have been customised and improved by the Heretek's who field them or are otherwise testbeds for technology designed and recovered in the field. A common form of such customisations is the fitting of larger and more powerful energy generators and power conduits, allowing a vehicle to maintain an acceptable rate of fire on the move or even when heavily damaged.

    In a turn in which the vehicle neither moves Flat Out nor uses smoke launchers, the vehicle can fire one more weapon at its full Ballistic Skill than normally permitted. Note that this is not cumulative with the effects of the Power of the Machine Spirit special rule.
    These sophisticated scanners and cognis-interpreters built into the structure of Explorator vehicles are all but unreplicable devices that likely far pre-date the Age of the Imperium. When under the control of an experience Heretek, these augurs can be used in battle to scan enemy positions in extraordinary detail, allowing enemy movements to be thwarted or reinforcements to be called in with uncanny accuracy.

    A vehicle equipped with an exploratory augury web has the Scout special rule.

    While a vehicle with this upgrade is on the table, at the start of any of the controlling player's turns, before any Reserve rolls are made, they may declare that the vehicle's auguries are being used in Disruption or Relay mode, their effects lasting until their next player turn.

    • Disruption Mode: The opposing player suffers a -1 penalty to all their Reserve rolls.
    • Relay Mode: The controlling player may re-roll any of their Reserve rolls (whether failed or successful!) if they wish.

    Note that the presence of multiple explorator augury web equipped vehicle's have no additional effect and only one mode can be chosen a turn. If a vehicle is fitted with an explorator augury web, its Transport Capacity is reduced to eight models.
    Another rare and barely understood specialised system, a flare shield is a directional electromagnetic flux field generator rumoured to be a product of the Dark Age of Technology from a source best left forgotten. Flare shields lack anything like the defensive power of a Titan's void shields, but are able to deflect and disperse glancing or diffuse impacts and shrapnel, and can reduce the power of more focused strikes with great reliability.

    A flare shield operates against shooting attacks that strike the vehicle's front arc. It reduces the Strength of attacks by weapons with the Template or Blast type by -2, and other shooting attacks' Strenght by -1. A flare shield has no effect on close combat attacks or attacks inflicted at Strength D.
    Havoc launchers fire clusters of highly explosive missiles.
    Range S AP Type
    48" 5 5 Heavy 1, Blast, Twin-linked
    The term infernal autosimulacra refers to an extensive set of automatic repairs systems used by the vehicles and automata of the Dark Mechanicum. These self-repair systems can range from self-healing alloys, to an onboard servitor-simulacrum used to shore up breaches and re-route severed fuel and circuit lines.

    At the end of each of your turns, roll a D6 for each of your models equipped with infernal autosimulacra that has less than its starting number of Wounds or Hull Points, but has not been removed as a casualty or destroyed. On a roll of 6, that model regains a Wound, or Hull Point, lost earlier in the game.
    These metallic tendrils entrap their prey in an iron grip.

    Each set of lasher tendrils reduces the Attacks characteristic of every model (friend or foe) in base contact with the bearer by 1 (to a minimum of 1) whilst they remain in base contact. The effects of multiple sets are cumulative.
    These weapons, primarily mounted on the Stalk Tanks of the Dark Mechanicum, though smaller than the power fists and Dreadnought close combat weapons of other war machines, are no less deadly.

    For each manipulator claw it has, a Stalk Tank may make a single additional attack per turn as well as any others it would normally be able to make. These additional attacks are made using the profile shown below:
    Range S AP Type
    - +1 2 Melee, Severing Cut, Shred, Unwieldy
    Severing Cut: Each time a non-vehicle model suffers an unsaved Wound from this weapon, roll a D6. On a 4+, the model suffers an additional D3 Wounds which must be saved against separately using the weapon's profile (note that these Wounds do not themselves generate more additional wounds).
    The goliath-grade circuitry in this wondrous machine means it can only be borne by robustly built vehicles. When activated, it can detect any significant spikes of cerebral activity from nearby enemies. This triggers a series of bells, giving nearby Dark Skitarii a valuable second of notice before an enemy attack hits home.

    If a unit within 6" of a friendly model equipped with a mindscanner probe is charged, the charging models do not gain bonus Attacks from charging. However, if the target unit was already locked in combat from a previous turn, or has Gone to Ground, the mindscanner probe has no effect and the attackers gain bonus Attacks as normal.
    Incorporating a series of remote manipulators and actuators, the presence of a servo-rig on a Dark Mechanicum vehicle allows an embarked Heretek to make battlefield repairs to nearby friendly vehicles and machines from the relative safety of the vehicle's troop bay.

    A single model embarked on a vehicle equipped with a servo-rig may use their Hellsmith special rule on models within 3" of the vehicle's hull while on board. No bonuses to their Hellsmith roll for additional equipment or assistance by Heretek Servitors, etc, apply to this. In addition, the servo-rig allows the vehicle it is equipped to to make a special attack in the Shooting phase against a single enemy unit within 3". This attack does not need to target the same unit as the vehicle's other weapons.
    Range S AP Type
    Servo-rig 3" 8 2 Heavy 1
    The Triaros is equipped with a massive frontal ram incorporating powerful anbaric projectors and disruption field technology akin to that used in power weapons, which it uses to destroy anything it comes into contact with.

    When conducting a Ram or being rammed, a vehicle equipped with a shock ram counts its Front Armour as having an Armour value of 15 and, in addition, rolls once on the Haywire table in addition to any damage it causes normally while ramming or being rammed from the front.

    When conducting tank shocks, any tank-shocked unit automatically suffers D6 Strength 5 AP5 hits before resolving the tank shock as normal. The shock ram is not counted as a separate weapon and cannot be affected by Weapon Destroyed results.
    The muzzles of this vehicle's guns flicker with unnatural fire.

    All weapons on a vehicle equipped with warpflame gargoyles have the Soul Blaze special rule.
    Some Dark Mechanicum vehicles will be constructed with materials and tools seeped in the baleful energies of the Warp, allowing the vehicle's hull to more effectively absorb and diffuse them.

    A vehicle equipped with warpsteel armour has the Adamantium Will special rule.

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